Otterbox Defender iPod Nano Pink Case


Make your iPod even cuter

The Otterbox Defender Series case for the iPod nano offers some of the best protection out there. The Defender Series not only looks sleek, but keeps the grime and scratches of everyday wear and tear off of your iPod nano. There is the added bonus of protection during drops, saving you an embarrassing trip to the Apple store.

This special version, the “Strength” case, is pink in color and was exclusively designed for the Avon Breast Cancer Crusade. Ten percent of the purchase price is donated to the crusade, with a focus on the helping the medically underserved.

The Defender Series boasts three layers of protection:

  • Layer 1 – Thermal formed protective clear membrane. Protects against scratching, as well as dust intrusion.
  • Layer 2 – Hi-Impact Polycarbonate
  • Layer 3 – 1/8” thick silicone skin to absorb bump and shock.

The entire iPod is covered by the case, including the screen and click wheel. The click wheel is covered by a thin membrane, which is thick enough to protect the click wheel but still unobtrusive. The click wheel remains very sensitive to your touch, meaning that it takes very little additional effort to operate the iPod with the case on.

This specific nano case is designed for the 3rd generation nano, or more specifically, the nano with the bigger screen and squatty body.

The Defender Series nano case is extremely functional, as you can sync and charge your nano with the case on. Since the case is very snug and sleek, using it daily doesn’t present any more of a burden than your “naked” nano.

The Defender Series cases are great for everyday use. Although they do not offer as much protection as the Armor Series, they are less bulky and your nano can be charged through the case instead of having to remove it first. I would not recommend downhill mountain biking with the Defender case, but for a normal jog, travelling, or working around the house the Defender case is definitely the better route to go.

Many potential buyers may be turned off by the pink color of the Strength edition case, but luckily the same features and protection is offered in clear and black/clear colors as well. It’s always nice to support an organization though, and pink is the perfect color for any moms, girlfriends, daughters, or wives on the list.

For the protection this case provides as well as its small price tag ($29.95 special edition or otherwise), I would definitely recommend picking one up. If you don’t have an iPod Nano, you’re in luck, because the Defender Series cases are also made for the iPhone, classic iPod, and iPod Touch. The Strength edition Defender case is also available for the iPhone as well.

REPORT CARD : OtterBox Defender iPod Nano “Strength” Case
category rating comments
Quality 5 Great materials that work well
Innovation 5 Otterbox technology is great and highly functional
Performance 5 Protects my nano from destruction
Installation 3 Can’t just slip it in and out, but there’s no reason to take it off anyway
Fun Factor 5 Very inexpensive
FINAL VERDICT: 5 out of 5 stars
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