Otterbox Defender Armband for iPod Review


Strap on your Defender!

The Defender Series Armband for the iPod Classic, Touch, or Phone is a great accessory for those who want to use their iPods while working out or being outside. To be clear, this armband is intended for use with an OtterBox Defender Series case (reviewed here), and so both the armband and the case are needed for the armband to be used correctly.

To the naked eye, the Defender Armband doesn’t look like much. It is one piece of floppy rubber with one simple strap. However, when matched with a Defender case, the Armband holds the iPod securely, and the thick strap ensures that your iPod won’t slide down your arm. The strap is very easy to adjust and the Velcro is the entire width of the strap, unlike many other cases where the Velcro is a thin strip down the middle of the strap.

I have an iPod Touch that I like to use when I work out, especially while jogging or cycling. The Touch (already snug inside a Defender case) fit inside the Armband very securely and although the strap is not as comfortable (i.e. cushy) as some of the other products available, it held the iPod to my arm better than other armbands I’ve tried.

The only drawback to the OtterBox Armband is that you have to already own a Defender Series case for your iPod in order to use it. If you already have another brand of case, the Armband will not fit as well and your iPod may fall out during use.

If you already own a Defender Series case for your iPod Classic, Touch, or Phone, this Armband is a great buy. It is less expensive than other cases on the market and does a great job of holding your iPod to your arm securely.

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