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Protect your iPhone

So you’ve picked up a fancy new iPhone have you? You’ve spent at lease two hundred dollars on one of the hippest phones available. What should happen if you ever dropped your baby? Well… it would be scratched and perhaps even broken. How are you supposed to start conversation with other Apple enthusiasts or the average Joe if your iPhone looks like a piece of crap? Simple. You fork over some cash for the OtterBox Armor Case.

Previously, OCmodshop reviewed an Armor Series case for the Apple iPod (click here to read). Having read that article, you will find that the iPod and iPhone cases are very similar. If you already have an OtterBox case for your iPod and you now own an iPhone as well, it should be a no brainer to you that this would be a good investment.

This iPhone case is built for people who enjoy roughing it. Whether you are an outdoor enthusiast, athletic, or very hard on your phones, the Armor case will ensure that your precious won’t ever break. This case protects against drops, dirt, water, sand, and dust by enclosing your iPhone in a tough shell with a thin membrane over the huge screen. The case is indeed waterproof up to 3 feet, but I wouldn’t recommend submerging it unless truly necessary.

The thin membrane that covers the screen is thin enough to effectively use the touch screen of the iPhone, but thick enough to keep dirt, grime, and fingerprints out. Obviously it is necessary to press harder than normal to utilize your touch screen, but the difference in pressure is insignificant.

The Armor case holds your iPhone in with two sturdy latches. The latches essentially “hug” your iPhone and keep it secure during the ugliest of falls. It takes a good grip to open the latches, but it’s better than having them come open and having your iPhone take a spill.

The Armor case accommodates the 4, 8, and 16 GB versions of the iPhone only. Also, you must use an Apple stereo headset or Bluetooth headset for the iPhone to work. You would look like an idiot trying to communicate through the thick barrier of the Armor case.

When your iPhone is in the Armor case, you will still have access to the home, sleep/wake, and volume controls. The case comes in two different colors: black, and a yellow/grey combo. Personally I prefer the black because it makes less of a statement, but either is a good choice.

The only drawback of the iPhone Armor case is its bulk. Of course, the size of the case helps keep your iPhone safe and secure, but if you prefer a sleek-looking case and don’t mind a decrease in protection, selecting the OtterBox iPhone Defender case may be a better idea. Honestly, I would pick up both cases and switch my iPhone from one to the other depending on my plans for the day.

The OtterBox iPhone Armor Series case does carry a big price tag, but for the protection and the peace of mind, it’s worth it.

REPORT CARD : Otterbox Armor for Apple iPhone
category rating comments
Quality 5 Some of the best protection you can get
Innovation 5 Safe great Otterbox technology, different shape
Performance 5 Protects my iPhone from busting.  Awesome.
Installation 5 Slip your iPhone in and out.  Piece of cake
Fun Factor 3 Bit pricey, but it costs less than replacing a broken iPhone
FINAL VERDICT: 5 out of 5 stars


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