OtterBox 8000 Series Waterproof Case Review


Get Your Geek Outside

OtterBox cases are the sh*t. No, I’m not writing that statement because they let me try out their products. Without any bias, I am writing that OtterBox cases are awesome because you cannot find any cases like theirs on the market for the same price.

Back up the truck: I received the OtterBox 8000 Series Waterproof Case just in time for a camping trip. Although small in size (the 8000 Series case is meant for GPS units, cameras, sunglasses, etc.), I was able to pack around quite a few small objects (like matches, camera, iTouch) locked securely inside of it. During this trip, the case was subjected to a lot of abuse, considering what a klutz I am by nature. I dropped it from my belt while mountain biking, sloshed it in a stream, smashed it with a cooler, and still it survived another day.

OtterBox Waterproof cases are meant to be waterproof up to 100 feet, crushproof, and airtight. They come in different shapes, sizes, and colors, and all are meant to protect your most prized possessions from the havoc of your everyday life.

Measuring externally at 3.354″ x 4.542″ x 5.921″ and internally at 1.935″ x 2.831″ x 5.188″, this case is small enough to fit securely on your belt, but big enough to fit several items.

The latch on this case is very strong, so even during the spill from my belt the case stayed shut. The belt clip is not quite as strong as I would like, but it still does the job (the case fell off due to operator error, not a fault clip).

The only drawback for the 8000 Series case is that if you’re going to pack fragile items in it (like something with a big exposed screen such as a camera or GPS), it may be worth your time to pack something inside the case to provide a cushion. OtterBox does make cases that have some foam on the inside (like the 3510 case reviewed here), but this is not one of those cases and therefore you will need to take extra precautions if you plan to use this case to tote around more fragile objects.

For around $20 this case is a great buy. Even if this case doesn’t work for your needs, the other OtterBox Waterproof cases are very similar in construction to the 8000 Series and I would highly recommend one if you are an outdoors enthusiast or live somewhere that is threatened by flash floods.

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