Otterbox 7030 Laptop Case Review


Big beefy laptop case

Otterbox has made some hardcore cases, and this laptop case is no exception. If you love your laptop and are prone to banging it around (or having things bang into it), this case is your best bet for keeping your baby as safe as possible. That is, if you have the back and shoulders of a damn body builder…

For a short, scrawny girl, carrying this case around was a biotch.

The case itself weighs 6 and 3/4 pounds, plus my honkin’ laptop of around 4 pounds, means fricking eleven pounds slung over my back along with a backpack and purse. With a backpack full of textbooks, I was seriously hurting at the end of the day. You may call me a weakling, but I can assure most people toting around laptops are in worse shape than I.

Here is some information provided by Otterbox about this laptop case:

The OtterBox 7030 Laptop Case protects your computer like no other case on the market, and it follows in the OtterBox legacy by offering complete waterproof protection. This case can be used to safeguard slates, tablets, ultra mobile PCs and convertible tablet PCs. The OtterBox 7030 Laptop Case will fit up to 15″ laptop screens- including laptops with widescreen displays.

Customize the case to your laptop with the included rubber bumpers! Included with the OtterBox 7030 is a stylish Nylon file folder that mounts to the lid of the laptop case so you can hold pencils, business cards, pens, files and more. Need the extra space? The file folder accessory is easily removed from the laptop case when not in use.

Compatability/Features: Waterproof, dustproof, drop-proof, dirtproof protection. High impact Polypropylene construction for maximum strength. Shock-absorbing Elastomer corner bumpers. This case includes a shoulder strap, and a removable file folder accessory for files, pens, business cards and more. Please see dimensions below to find out if your laptop will fit.

Exterior Dimensions (case only):
16.375″ x 14.50″ x 3.375″

Maximum dimensions this laptop case will accommodate (with the standard bumpers):
14.20″ (361mm) wide
11.20″ (284mm) deep
1.90″ (48.3mm) thick

Weight (case only): 6.75 lbs. (3.1kg)