OtterBox 1000 Series Case Review


It's my junk in a box

Have you ever been roughing it either outdoors or just to your job and thought to yourself, “Damn, I wish I had a box that was waterproof, crushproof, watertight, and would only fit some of the smallest crap I own?” If so, the OtterBox 1000 Series Case will make you jump for joy. Admittedly, OtterBox makes these kinds of cases in all different shapes and sizes. But, since size does matter to most of us, the size of the 1000 series is just not adequate to fulfill our desires.

Just to clarify: a review of the OtterBox 1000 Series case is essentially reviewing OtterBox case technology itself. Readers will find that statements made regarding the 1000 Series Case will apply to the general design and construction of other cases, although the other cases may differ in their size and shape.

This review will have remarks in it that could apply to other cases offered by OtterBox, but let me state that this review is of the 1000 Series only, and any pet peeves may or may not apply to other OtterBox cases.

With that being said, here is some information offered by

The OtterBox 1000 Series case is waterproof, crushproof AND watertight (it floats!). These cases are perfect for protecting your valuables from the elements, whatever they may be. The OtterBox 1000 offers watertight protection and storage for pagers, car keys, film, batteries, credit cards, small wallets, cell phones, fishing lures and so much more. The OtterBox is a patented drybox designed to handle full submersions–up to 100 feet!

Features: Great for holding keys, batteries, credit cards, fishing lures/flies, wallets and so much more! The OtterBox 1000 is waterproof tested to 100 feet.

Exterior Dimensions:
4.837″ (123mm) x 3.682″ (93.4mm) x 1.652″ (42mm)

Internal Dimensions:
3.700″ x 2.350″ x 1.000″

Weight (case only):
0.3lb (.14kg)