Hey I grew up in Washington schools and I spell osim!!!

Herm….hheeerrrmmmm (strokes beard)… I’ve known about this….. but here’s my thoughts:

When I brag about writing game reviews and such for OCMS, most people don’t get why it’s called “OCModShop”. They don’t get what it has to do with gaming. I think…just for fun… we should come up with what “OSIM” stands for as an acronym that encompasses gaming + hardware + modding enthusiasts. Not that “my now 9-year-old” isn’t a good enough explanation, but because it’s more of an inside joke between us I think……..

Overclocking while Simultaneously Instigating Masturbation

Overclocking while Scratching Itchy Meatus (don’t know what “meatus” is? Look it up)

Outperforming Sickly Invigorating Morons

Oral Sex Instead of Modding

and so on and so forth.


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