OMG Xbox 360 outselling PS3 in Japan

Last night, me and a friend of mine were discussing the recent statistic that Xbox 360 officially sold more units in Japan that the PS3 in January. Apparently, last week Microsoft sold 4000 more Xbox 360’s than Sony’s PS3.


I love my PS3. Don’t get me wrong, I used to have an Xbox 360, but I lost it in WWIII (my divorce). At my time in Gamestop, many MANY Xbox 360s were getting returned for the red ring of death, and you couldn’t have paid me to pick up another one (okay, maybe you could’ve…). Let me make some speculations about why this outselling madness has occurred:

– Xbox 360 has a better selection of games

– Xbox 360 has better online content and multiplayer

– Xbox 360 is better supported

– The recent price drop of Blu-Ray players makes the PS3 look more expensive

– The PS3s are ridiculously expensive compared to 360s

– Xbox 360 is easier to get cheap peripherals (PS3 only offers the Sony controller)

Any other thoughts?

And it looks like the Wii is officially a lame-ass system for adults. In the past two years, there has only been three games that I have bought for the Wii: Zelda, Mario Kart, and Super Mario Galaxy. Resident Evil 4 is awesome, but I already have it for the PS2.The Wii has really crappy third-party games and really crappy graphics. I guess the download feature is pretty neat, but I wouldn’t by a system for pure nostalgia.

And by the way, everyone thinks Wii fit is amazing, but with all those Wii fits sold, I don’t see the public getting any less obese. Plus, the cost of a Wii fit is just as much as 2 months of a gym membership. I used Wii fit, gave it my all, and hardly broke a sweat… I get more of a workout stirring chocolate chip cookie dough! Do yourself a favor and spend the $89.99 on a frickin’ mountain bike or a pair of running shoes. Oh yah, I forgot, Wii fit gives you bragging rights because atleast you are getting off your ass and doing 5 push-ups a day, and that’s an improvement, right!? NO!! You could burn more calories in a half hour of vigorous sex than in 2 hours of doing half-assed yoga poses on Wii fit. Don’t believe me? Look it up.

Okay, that’s my rant.

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