Off Course: PAX 2009 Review and Grade


El Pato's Angry Again

The 2009 installment of PAX has come and gone. As the show seems to get larger and larger, so do the lines, the swag, and of course, the games.

Before I go into my review, I want to state right now to the general public that for 50 dollars (not counting parking) you’re getting a hell of a deal. Most concerts are more than that for a cruddy seat and this event is three long days. If you’re a gamer, there really isn’t anything else like it. That’s not what this review is for, this is my general impression of PAX as a show…as only I can look at it.

The first day of PAX basically slapped us with a new revelation: parking sucks. Totaling all three days we spent over forty dollars on parking. You would think the hotel would give a special deal for people attending the event. The Hilton does it when people park there for conference specific functions, why not here? It’s something that needs to be addressed, because I won’t be parking my car in a lot next year. Then again, someone else can, and probably will so I don’t think my complaining is going to do anything.

As far as the show is concerned: not bad. While there supposedly was a lot more people this year, it didn’t feel like it. I credit this to more stations, less lines, and less time on demos.

That, of course, excludes companies like Blizzard. We don’t need 20 minute demos. 10 minutes is more than enough. I really, really, wanted to do a preview of Diablo 3, but I’m not waiting in line for nearly 2 hours to get a chance to play it. They need to be more like Sony, who had longer demos (I think I had God of War for a good 15 minutes) but at least had everything controlled. They had a punk set up at the front to boot everyone off when it was time, not to mention God of War was on four or five sets and easily accessible. I spent a good hour to wait-which isn’t bad for a game as highly anticipated as GoW. I wish this organization was better in Blizzard’s corner. But they really don’t need me previewing stuff anyways-people will buy it on the name alone.