OEMs Lick Vista’s Balls


and boy are they salty

Is it just me or is the whole Vista hype going AWOL? Don’t get me wrong… I like Vista and the way it works, although it needs some adjusting to get it working as smoothly as other OSes.

Sure it runs perfect on your new OEM Dell, Compaq, HP with no issues what-so-ever… but what about poor sods like us: the “I hate OEM PCs and I’ll build my own” kind of guys? I’m one of them and I’m well pissed at the people who make my hardware (no rephrase that: I R PISSED) at the software developers.

For instance: ATI says they have FINAL Vista drivers for my video card, but when you install them they have BETA written all over them. They work fine, but at a cost of 20fps in my games…

Up next is my Creative X-Fi Elite Pro. It’s the same story, although Creative apparently thinks it’s fine to let the early adopters fondle around with incomplete drivers, thus missing a lot of the X-Fi’s positional (like switching audio modes) BECAUSE IT’S A FRIGGING BETA! Sure, you have sound, but there’s no fine-tuning what-so-ever. For that reason alone I cant scream “VISTA SUX” because that would be the easiest thing to do… blame it on Microsoft!

I say blame the manufactures that make the hardware! It’s their product so why don’t they come up with proper Vista drivers? No! Instead they moan on about how Vista has changed the way drivers and other bullocks work, I’m no programmer freak, and I don’t know the fine details, but is asking for drivers that work too much to ask?

I’m coming across more and more Vista-based machines in my daily work and I’d want to know more about Vista playing with it. Sadly I’m held back by the driver issues.

I’d love to completely switch over to Vista, but I can’t (or more accurately I don’t want to) until it can run my games and other programs properly. So it’s back to my XP desktop again…

All I wonder is why? Vista’s hype it that it’s the next thing for the coming years, so why not settle for some proper drivers? Customers will be less inclined to blame Vista, and in the end it’s not Microsoft’s fault for the slackers who program half-assed or poor-performing drivers.

In the past blaming MS was the easiest thing to do… But not anymore, so please Creative and ATI give me some proper drivers.

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