OCZ ModStream 520W PSU Review



Choosing a new power supply is not always as easy as one might think. Generally, people just ask how many watts a PSU gives off but that is not enough to make a judgment on which PSU to select. All power supplies are designed differently. Fans, heat sinks, capacitors, etc. are all different in power supplies. The use of quality parts is important.

The first step to choosing a good power supply is finding out how many watts it needs to be after it is determined, what wattage the PSU needs to be then it is time to look for the right one. Different brands of power supplies are made differently, some with larger heat sinks, capacitors, more fans, etc. A general way some test for power supplies is by the actual weight of the unit. Most generic PSU are very light meaning they have small capacitors, less fans, and small heat sinks.

Features and Specifications
The OCZ PowerStream power supply has produced a decent following by providing innovative features. The ModStream is aimed at hardcore modders by incorporating a modular cabling scheme while maintaining the high quality of its sibling. The features table below is taken directly from OCZ…

EZMod Advanced cable management system
EZMod technology allows you to truly customize your power system to utilize on the UV cables you require, resulting in optimal airflow and the coolest possible environment within your case! All EZMod cables glow brightly when illuminated with UV lighting accessories. Powerful 450/520 Watt power supplies with 550/620 Watt Peak Load, designed specifically for the most demanding computing environments of gamers, PC enthusiasts, and power users.

Silent Operation
High performance doesn’t have to come with annoying fan noise, and OCZ PowerWhisper technology effectively reduces noise levels to a minimum, making this the quietest power supply on the market!

Cleaner Power
The OCZ ModStream features PowerShield EMI control technology with copper shielded leads to provide the added benefit of extremem current stabilizationand delivery of the cleanest possible output to all your critical system components.

Run Cooler
Experience leading edge reliability and performance with increased air flow, courtesy of a whisper quiet yet extremely vigourout 120mm fan complete with attractive blue LEDs.

OCZ 3-Year Warranty
The best PSU comes backed with the finest warranty, and OCZ offers an exclusive 3 year PowerSwap warranty program, providing unsurpassed peace of mind. No more endless return-for-repair loops!

OCZ offers an exclusice 3 year PowerSwap warranty programming. If the power supply fails, OCZ will swap it out for a new unit, no questions asked. Here are some additional features of the unit:

  1. OCZ PowerWisper Technology with 120mm fan
  2. OCZ PowerShield PCI-Express lead
  3. OCZ EZMod advanced cable management system
  4. Supports ATX/BTX/PCI Express/SATA
  5. 3 Year Warranty backed by OCZ’s exclusive PowerSwap replacement program
  6. 160 x 150 x 86mm
  7. 95-132 Vac / 190-264 Vac 10/6a