OCZ ATV 4GB USB Flash Drive Review


Rugged and rubber

In America we know that excess is never enough.  The technology industry provides us with portable solid-state disks that can hold every Atari 2600 cartridge ever created, and that still isn’t enough.  We take these little gadgets with us everywhere, and I should know as I’ve destroyed more USB drives than the company’s Quality Control department.

I expect alot out of my USB drives nowadays, and there certainly are a lot to choose from.  Not only do I need to keep certain data with me at all times, but I need to make sure that it can survive my active lifestyle of mountain climbing and river rafting (anyone who’s ever seen my picture knows that I’m kidding).  Seriously, though, one of the reasons I’ve lost so much data to nature is that the drives just weren’t rugged enough and couldn’t even last a good wash cycle.  Either they come in fragile plastic shells, or have tiny pieces that break off or become lost.

OCZ is here to save the day with their ATV line of Flash drives.  Not only is it completely waterproof, but its squishy rubber coating makes it so impact-resistant that it actually bounces.  On top of all that, this drive comes in large 4GB and 8GB capacities and utilizes dual-channel technology.

The shock-proof ATV features mainstream speeds offering consumers an affordable option and was designed to safely accommodate a wealth of important data and media files. Not only are these premium flash drives aggressively fast at transferring files of all types and sizes, but are optimized for Windows® Vista™ Ready Boost, offering true performance advantages to this latest operating system.

ATV flash drives feature durable and colorful rubber tread housing, which is a 100% weatherproof storage solution to keep digital files safe in any conditions, even fully submerged in water. The attached cap holder will help prevent misplacement of the protective key cover, while the chain can easily fasten to your key ring for ultimate portability.


  • High Speed USB 2.0 Certified
  • Read: 30-34MB / second
  • Write 14-15MB / second
  • True Plug and Plat (Compatible with Mac OS X)
  • Dual Channel Technology
  • Available in 2GB, 4GB, and 8GB Capacities
  • Waterproof Rubber Housing
  • Orange LED Status Light
  • Lifetime Warranty