OCMS Stats 2005

Listed below are the highest rated articles from Dec 1 to Jan 19.  Some of the articles are newer, and may move up the ranks within the next few weeks.  This gives a good indication of what people are interested in.

This info was taken from our stats page.  I looked at the query strings for both /default.aspx and /ocmodshop.aspx and totalled up all the like pages for the totals listed here.
1. Girls Gift Guide for the Geek Guy (15181 page views)
2. TherMax Tech X-Flux-GA compound (7735)
3. I-Star 3U Case (6685)

4. Xbox 360 VGA Cable (5104)

5. Danger Den D4 Pump (4656)

6. Athlon FX-60 Review (4282)

7. Xbox to PC Tutorial (4036)

8. Kameo: Elements of Power Review (3739)

9. Xbox 360 Kiosk Demo Disk (2882)
10. Dragon Quest 8 (2838)

11. Evercool GT-365 (2153)

12. FEAR article (1911)
13. Maxtor 200GB HDD (1886)
14. Overclocking Overview (1725)

15. SilverStone LC10 HTPC Case (1663)

16. The Floppy Rant (1575)

17. Bust Buy Expose (1533)
18. A8N SLI Deluxe (1178)
19. PowerColor Theater 550 Pro (1175)
20. Xbox 360 Video Overview (1099)
It’s funny how our #1 article is also the one that received the most complaints (I’ve only heard about them second hand, and received no direct complaints).  Most of the complaints stated that I was bashing step-fathers…  this is not the case, and was meant with a sense of humor.  I guess if you are taking on some deadbeat’s load then you’ve lost your sense of humor.
But anyway… it looks like people are insterested in Xbox 360 hardware.  PC hardware is still our bread-and-butter.  When looking at the downloads, the most downloaded video was about driving games.  So driving and first person shooters should be the priority over any other game reviews.
It’s funny how people complain about the models, but if you look at the stats you will notice that the top 3 articles feature Laura promentently.  We were taking flack for doing off-the-wall articles, but that is our #1 article.   You can also see that some of our much older content are still strong performers (watercooler and HTPC hardware reviews).
I’ve heard that some people don’t agree with the models, but they also say we cover more angles and have more information than anyone else.  They also say the photography is very professional.  Our quality is top notch, regardless if people disagree with some of our tactics. 
The changes that are working well: off-the-wall articles, console (xbox 360) hardware, PC hardware, model usage (but don’t over-do it).
What we need to focus on: MMOPRG articles. FPS and driving game reviews, PS2 reviews won’t hurt. Watercooling reviews, Home Theater Hardware (expecially HTPC), any news or speculation about Xbox 360.
I would like to cover more MMOPRGs (like World of Warcraft and Everquest 2).  PC Gamers are usually into that, so these articles will have a huge following.
The jury is still out on anime, and alot of anime sites are a different dynamic than our market (they really don’t like to post other site’s news).  I want to experiment with DVD reviews for the Home Theater section to see how well they are received.  Home Theater hardware reviews will be a big hit, I know.
We need to keep delivering high quality articles.  Be very thorough, cover all the angles,  and the photos should be very clean and professional.
Alan is a web architect, stand-up comedian, and your friendly neighborhood Grammar Nazi. You can stalk him on the Interwebs via Google+, Facebook and follow his ass on Twitter @ocmodshop.