OCMS Plagurized again

DOA Central has seen fit to plagurize my DOA4 article by posting the ENTIRE article on their forum.  Yes, they link to the original article, but who will buy the cow when they get the milk for free?  They said it is the definitive article on DOA4 and all the information you’ll ever need.  I’m glad everyone liked it, but it’s not fair that another site is benefiting from my work.  I asked the moderators to edit the post down so that people will actually to go OCModShop to read my article, but have ignored my requests. 

I disabled hotlinking of the images on this article as a little prod, but they changed the images on their thread, so I know they had to edit their post.  This doesn’t change the fact that they are ripping my hard work.


I know I may sound like a whiny bitch, but how would you feel if someone else was profiting from your hard work and not giving you credit?

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