OCMS News November 2009

How to: Enable Command Scrolling from the Keyboard
Monday, November 23, 2009
If you are a system administrator, then you probably find yourself using the Windows Command Prompt more often than most people. When running this window, old-school admins get into a DOS or Linux mindset and just don’t like to use the mouse. Heck, one of the Microsoft interview questions for admins is “How do you fix a problem on a computer if the GUI is busted?”.

For those of you who feel your workflow is disrupted by taking your hand off the keyboard to use the mouse, then I have good news: you can change the Command Prompt to scroll mode by using a quick keyboard shortcut.

Windows 7 Keyboard Shortcuts
Monday, November 23, 2009
There were only a handful of “Windows + ” commands at the start, but Microsoft has added a few here and there as new versions came out. By and large, little has changed with the usability of Windows since Windows 95, but Windows 7 has changed all of that.

Windows 7 now adds a bunch of new usability paradigms that truly make managing multiple windows fun. Nearly all of these features have new keyboard shortcuts, which are listed below.

3DTV is Coming!
Sunday, November 22, 2009
We’ve all heard a lot about stereoscopic 3D. Every major content conference – NAB, IBC, IFA and CES have the big hardware guys pushing the idea that…this is the year 3D will come home. Our kids just saw the latest shows at IMAX and can’t wait for Avatar!!! Had to explain to them that 3D-ish stuff has been around since the 1838 World’s Fair.

WindowBlinds 7 Review
Saturday, November 21, 2009
Vista was quickly replaced by the new Windows 7, which has the same Aero desktop but a much improved usability. One of the few things that Windows 7 lacks is the ability to customize the desktop to the extent that Windows XP had.

Stardock Software has offered WindowBlinds as a way to customize your desktop, but their new release supports Windows 7, which means that hard-core tweakers can finally have the desktop their way again.

Not everything is a bucket of roses, as you’ll see when you read our testing.

Razer Sphex Gaming Mousepad Review
Friday, November 20, 2009
Remember a few generations ago when civilization thought it had arrived once there were flying cars and lasers all over the place? Well I’m still waiting on my H.P. Hovercraft, but laser technology is so common that it’s in just about everything, including computer mice. The use of a laser sensor (or two) is used in the pointing devices for extremely accurate positioning, and tracks on just about every surface. Regardless of this fact, PC gamers (and desktop jockeys) still look for high-end mousepads for their digital rodents.

A performance user demands several things from a high-end gaming mousepad, which are the features that warrant an average $50 pricetag. Razer makes several different performance mousepads, all of which are rather pricey, but they have released their new Sphex mousepad, which claims to offer great performance and easy portability with a measly $15 entry point.

Modern Warfare 2 Walkthrough and Guide
Thursday, November 19, 2009
The only thing worth talking about is the mission “No Russian”, which you are heavily warned by the game itself. I do think it was put in for pure shock value. Aside from possible anti-terrorism criticisms on the US, it just seems too easy to sit back and let the event unfold. I actually haven’t been too fond on these “extreme” first person events from this series lately, it’s becoming a lame gimmick.

What next, they’re gonna make us shoot puppies and bury us alive?

Silverstone Raven 3200dpi Gaming Mouse Review
Tuesday, November 17, 2009
The SilverStone Raven 3200DPI Gaming Mouse is one of those mice that has absolutely killer looks and quite honestly looks like the mouse Darth Vader would use. Its namesake alone might even get The Crow to stop whining about loss and despair and use a computer for online dating or something.

As we will see in our in-depth review, the mouse has some significant flaws that may make you reconsider what you look for in a gaming mouse. To start, the mouse has lots of killer features that gamers (and desktop jockeys) crave.

Verbatim Tuff Clip 8GB Flash Drive Review
Friday, November 13, 2009
Students need a flash drive that makes sense for their lifestyle. If they want to show their support for the latest hip thing, then they can add yet another sticker to the top of their notebook computer. Many students are lugging around a backpack and have to travel a lot. What if someone made a flash drive that was not only rugged, but had no caps to lose, still protected the USB connector, and could latch onto just about anything? Any trip to Eddie Bauer or REI will tell you that people put all sorts of gadgets on carabineer clips, so why not a flash drive, too? Verbatim is hoping you’ll notice this fashion trend and go with their TUFF-CLIP USB Drive

Adesso CyberTablet 6400 Review
Wednesday, November 11, 2009
As a graphic artist, I am familiar with digital graphics tablets. Most digital artists are familiar with Wacom products, but they tend to be very pricey. The price point of a tablet has a bit of “snob” factor to it, as professional tablets start around $350 and “lesser” entry-level tablets can be had for under $100. When I saw the Adesso CyberTablet 6400, I really didn’t have a lot of high hopes, given its $70 price point.

I was soon flogging myself for having such negative thoughts, because the tablet ended up having the same smooth operation and functionality as one of my entry-level Wacom tablets.

Verbatim Store n Go Micro 4GB Flash Drive Review
Monday, November 09, 2009
There are literally hundreds of USB Flash drives, and only a handfull could be considered innovative from a design standpoint. Verbatim has delivered a flash drive that appears to be small enough to not be cumbersome, has a tough rugged exterior, and is resistant to damage. They have dubbed this drive the Store ‘n’ Go Micro.

The Verbatim Store n Go Micro is also referred to as the Tuff ‘n’ Tiny USB Drive. They come in three different denominations, and each have their own color. They are available in 2GB (orange), 4GB (green), and 8GB (purple).

ATEN VS481A 4-Port HDMI Switch
Monday, November 09, 2009
The problem with HDMI is that it is relatively new. Home Theater components usually lag behind the new industry standard, because the technology could lose support. As a result, some flat-panel TVs only have a few HDMI inputs, but your gaming consoles, receivers and DVRs have many. You can simplify or eliminate the unsightly rat’s nest of cables in your home theater rig by just using the elegant HDMI solution. Some of the newest home theater receivers now support multiple HDMI switching, but not everyone has a need for a full-blown amplifier.

ATEN’s new product, the VS481A 4-port HDMI switch, appears to be geared towards the console gamer or home theater enthusiast.

nMedia HTPC 8000 Wood Case Review
Thursday, November 05, 2009
Wood is much easier to work with than steel. With a few simple tools, you can create a very solid PC case, and if you use high quality wood then it can look very sophisticated when stained. But many people aren’t interested in modding today, and you can buy just about everything pre-modded… with the exception of the wood case. nMedia has identified this niche and delivered a Home Theater PC made almost entirely out of wood, and has a classic look similar to many “retro” radio or audio consoles you see on QVC. Not only does this case have a classic look, but it is large enough to handle most PC hardware, and has all the connections and ports you need for a good home theater appliance.

NZXT Gamma Budget Gaming Case Review
Tuesday, November 03, 2009
And now, everyone and their mother are wearing black. It’s a fashion trend now. I still wear it all the time, and rarely wear anything else, but not because half the people on television claim to be dark and mysterious. I simply still don’t give a crap and have a horrible attitude most of the time. But I have a feeling that NZXT targets me sometimes when it comes to their gaming cases. They go flat black (what we called “murdered out”) and they make them look absolutely awesome. Take the case I’m reviewing today for example, the Gamma steel mid tower. It’s sleek, roomy, and has space for six 120mm fans. I tell you, it’s awesome, it’s black, and it doesn’t care what you think.