OCMS News May 2008

Saturday, May 31, 2008
I mean, if you really want to get harsh, about the only thing this game does wrong is allow money to magically appear in your hand (though if you have a credit card that would explain that), and there is no snow. Other than that, this game does everything right. If you actually say, “I am tired of playing this game,” you are a crazy. The only reason to stop playing is to eat, sleep, or carry on with your life.

If you want to know why this game is so amazing, just drive around the city at night, while it’s raining – there you go. Just imagine what GTA5 will be like…

Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull Review
Friday, May 30, 2008
After 17 years away from the big screen, Indiana Jones has dusted off his trusty fedora and bullwhip in one of the most eagerly awaited returns to the screen in cinema history. Harrison Ford once again plays the rough and rugged archeologist who is as equally adept in the classroom as he is in the depths of an ancient trap laden chamber.

In “Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull”, audience are re-introduced to Jones, who is by now an older, and wiser man who spent the years of WWII as a special operative which earned him not only the rank of Colonel, but numerous medals and citations.

Linux on Strike!
Friday, May 30, 2008
The newly-appointed head of the World Linux Bureau (abbreviated WCP) issued a recent statement that has the potential to affect every living soul on the planet. If their demands are not met, Linux will go on strike.

When asked from the press about their marketing plan, Steven replied “Apple has their stupid fruit logo, and Microsoft has their ‘swooshy’ flag thing. We got a freakin’ penguin… how can you beat that? It’s like ‘Rock, Paper, Scissors’: Penguin Wears Flag, Penguin Eats Fruit.”

Otterbox Defender for iPod Classic
Friday, May 30, 2008
If you love your iPod and want it to live a life free of dirt, scratches, and cracks, it would be worth it to consider purchasing OtterBox’s wonderful Defender Case. This case is highly functional, sleek, compact, and dare I admit… nerd sexy. The great part is that you don’t have to nerd to appreciate the protection this case offers.

The case is composed of two parts. The part that forms the shell and provides the bulk of the protection is a sheet of Polycarbonate. The case is easy to open and the two parts (top and bottom) snap together easily.

GlacialTech Igloo 5610 PWM and Silent CPU Heatsinks
Thursday, May 29, 2008
GlacialTech is known for their light and cool materials. Both the Igloo Silent and PWM are just that, with superior noise reduction. The Silent has a 3-pin connector and the PWM has a 4-pin, meaning that the PWM takes advantage of the newer CPU fan connectors on the latest motherboards, allowing the motherboard itself to control the speed of the fan. In short, when things get hot, the Igloo PWM gets going. When temperatures are back to normal, the motherboard sends a signal through the fourth wire that tells the fan to slow down. But fear not if you only have a 3-pin on your mobo, either one will still work on older and newer motherboards.

Otterbox 1000 Series Case
Wednesday, May 28, 2008
Have you ever been roughing it either outdoors or just to your job and thought to yourself, “Damn, I wish I had a box that was waterproof, crushproof, watertight, and would only fit some of the smallest crap I own?” If so, the OtterBox 1000 Series Case will make you jump for joy. Admittedly, OtterBox makes these kinds of cases in all different shapes and sizes. But, since size does matter to most of us, the size of the 1000 series is just not adequate to fulfill our desires.

Just to clarify: a review of the OtterBox 1000 Series case is essentially reviewing OtterBox case technology itself. Readers will find that statements made regarding the 1000 Series Case will apply to the general design and construction of other cases, although the other cases may differ in their size and shape.

OCmodshop’s New Cheat Codes Database!
Tuesday, May 27, 2008
OCmodshop’s cheat database can help you get past those frustrating levels, beat that boss, or just give you general play tips to improve your scores. Our database grows every day, and we have lots of codes and achievement lists for the Nintendo Wii, DS, Xbox 360, PS3, PSP, and PC games (of course!).

Our new engine allows you to browse through all of the cheats by platform, and you can even submit your own cheat codes to share with others!

AutumnWave OnAir GT HDTV Tuner
Tuesday, May 20, 2008
Many people bring several portable devices with them to keep themselves entertained (usually when they would otherwise be bored out of their skulls). Just about every form of entertainment now comes in a portable form… you can put your music on an iPod or other MP3 player, play your favorite movies in the car with a portable DVD player, and you can even bring along a Sony PSP or Nintendo DS to game while you’re on the go. Let us not forget the road warrior or nomad student who is constantly on the move. Why not have portable TV to tap into all of that new digital content floating around in our atmosphere?

The AutumnWave OnAir GT is a new USB device that transforms your laptop into a full-blown HDTV PVR. There are several products competing in this space (like Pinnacle’s PCTV HD reviewed here), so what makes the OnAirGT worth your time?

Tons of new RSS Channels Added!
Monday, May 19, 2008
We’ve broken out our news categories to give you control of what you want to see. Some people only want to see a small subset of news… so if you only care about PC cases and video cards, then you can subscribe to just those categories without having to weed through motherboards and memory!

Keep in mind that the “general” feed of each category contains everything in each of the sub-category feeds. For example, if you subscribe to the “general gaming” feed, then you will see all of the news from the Xbox 360, Playstation 3, PC Gamng, Portable Gaming, and Nintendo Wii channels.

QPAD CT Gaming Surface Review
Saturday, May 17, 2008
Anyone living in Europe and is into gaming will most likely have heard of QPAD (especially if you live in cold-ass Sweden). I first came in contact with QPAD products on the local lanparties when I had a nice talk with them at Dreamhack 2007 Winter edition. I figured it would be nice to get some extra information to the OCMS readers who haven’t heard of this manufacturer of premiere Gaming Gear.

I will be reviewing the QPAD CT Series, which is a cloth pad. It doesn’t feel like cloth at all, due to QPAD’s innovative “Hybratek” coating, which they describe as a mix of plastic and a cloth pad. The top feels smooth and slick like plastic, but has the softness of a cloth pad.

SteelSeries Siberia Neckband Headset Review
Friday, May 16, 2008
The average gamer is typically the consumer of various portable gadgets. Many people today have at least one MP3 player, video player, or some other form of portable entertainment.

Some people may be content with buying a seperate device for a particular application, but headphones are not one of these. Why have a seperate pair of headphones for music listening, another for PC gaming, one for console gaming, another for XM radio… the list goes on. If only there was a headset that was stylish, had good audio, and didn’t make you look like a dork while jogging (as a protruding mic would definately do).

Otterbox 7030 Waterproof Laptop Case
Wednesday, May 14, 2008
Otterbox has made some hardcore cases, and this laptop case is no exception. If you love your laptop and are prone to banging it around (or having things bang into it), this case is your best bet for keeping your baby as safe as possible. That is, if you have the back and shoulders of a damn body builder…

For a short, scrawny girl, carrying this case around was a biotch.

Otterbox Armor for iPod Classic
Tuesday, May 13, 2008
Known for tough, waterproof, unbreakable cases, Otterbox has expanded their product line to include a series of cases for the Apple iPod. The two lines they created, Defender and Armor, essentially cater to the same type of consumer, but with just enough variability to be separated into two different categories.The Armor Series provides a case that is not only indestructible, but is also waterproof.

Razer Lycosa Gaming Keyboard Review
Saturday, May 10, 2008
PC keyboard technology has remained pretty much the same in its 30-year existance, so why is it that there are scores of new models coming out every year? I personally have gone through the rise and fall of the first IBM “tank” keyboards, quiet keyboards, ergonomic keyboards, media keyboards, and the latest gaming keyboards.

What is is about a gaming keyboard that makes it stand out from any old “generic” QWERTY panel? Razer thinks they have the answer, as they have released the latest elite gaming keyboard, the Razer Lycossa.

Growing Up with Violent Video Games
Friday, May 09, 2008
Pity the poor, impressionable kid who’s psyche and view of life will be forever warped because of violent, no redeeming value video games. Take Grand Theft Auto (GTA) IV. Blood, guts, sex, drugs, rock ‘n roll. Take-Two’s Rockstar dropped a cool $100 million to develop this horrific game. If only the kids could wrestle the controls away from the Atari generation dudes and dudettes.

That’s right. The game may have racked up more than $500 Mil sales in a week but don’t worry about the kids skipping school to play. Instead they better check to make certain mom and dad go to work because adult players are more prevalent than you might guess. The computer, game console, software and MMOG companies are major product categories in the CE industry. Success here drives the need for faster, more powerful processors; higher quality graphic chips/cards; better viewing screens; surround speakers and more. Here’s our views on how the industry will grow.

Bawls Guarana Exxtra 16oz.
Thursday, May 08, 2008
Bawls’ guarana beverages have been an underground favorite for LAN gamers for many years. Their highly-caffeinated beverages have been rather successful, despite their limited distribution channels. Previously you had to order a case online, but now Bawls is now starting to show up in convenience stores and major department stores like Target.

If you’ve read our other Bawls Guarana articles, then you know a little bit about the interesting taste of guarana, and how the ingredient is starting to show up in energy drinks targeted towards today’s hip young whipper-snappers. Even gamers need to watch their figures (we don’t just get the chicks with our M4D 5KiLL5), so there is increasing demand for a sugar-free energy drink that still lets you game all night.

Viking: Battle for Asgard Review (PS3, Xbox 360)
Thursday, May 08, 2008
Viking: Battle for Asgard is an interesting combination of a third-person Oblivion and God of War. As an avid fan of both of these games, Viking is a welcome alternative to all of the lame horror and action games released lately. Add into the mix a bit of Age of Empires, and woah….can I have a minute alone?

It’s hard for me not to be excited over Viking: Battle for Asgard. The story is great, graphics are amazing, battle system is awesome, and soundtrack is to die for. It is rare that I pick up a game and am this easily impressed. Viking takes place in Midgard, which is at the mercy of a fight between two Norse Gods: Odin and Hel. Hel has defied Odin, and as punishment, has been banished.

How to Recover Windows that Disappear
Wednesday, May 07, 2008
David Copperfield may be able to make an entire house disappear, but missing windows are an event that nearly everyone has encountered. This occurs more frequently with laptops, as they frequently change profiles that have different video outputs (especially if you use a docking station). Some programs save their last window positions, so if you opened a program when you were docked, then the program may open off-screen when you are undocked.

Your program windows are still on your desktop; but you just can’t see them. Most people have gotten so dependant on their OS’s graphic user interface, that they can’t understand how to interact with something that cannot be seen. Never fear, because I am here to gift you with second sight: how to see what cannot be seen.

Condemned 2: BloodShot Review
Wednesday, May 07, 2008
Condemned 2: Bloodshot is the sequel to a game commonly found for ten bucks in the game store sale bin. Many reviewers love Condemned 2, but to me, it is just another title that will eventually end up like its predecessor. Maybe I’m not interested in the story, or maybe the genre throws me off, but to me, Condemned 2 is a forgettable title.

You are Ethan Thomas, who after leaving his job as a SCU agent, has found his way into a state of continuously drunken stupor. Ethan has become a raging alcoholic, which has interesting ramifications, but not interesting enough to improve the bland story line. Ethan decides to go on a wild goose chase after his friend Van Horn. Along the way he fights both real and supernatural demons (that mostly look like meth addicts), generally as a result of his drunken state.

Novus Professional Scratch Remover
Tuesday, May 06, 2008
Any consumer of computer gear, gadgets, or home theater equipment knows that their stuff starts to look a little worn after a while. It doesn’t take long at all before your shiny new iPod gets a few unsightly scratches, diminishing its value and distracting from the gadget’s coolness. PC enthusiasts can carve deep gouges in their cases during the course of system maintenance. Let us not forget that scratches can also destroy data on those new BluRay and DVD discs. All of these minor scrapes and scratches not only make your equipment look dated, but lowers its value.

There are a few plastic polish products out there (usually marketed as a CD restorer), but from my experience they just don’t work. If you want to completely eliminate any trace of a scratch, then you need a professional product. Novus makes a 3-step plastic polish, which is sold direclty to plastic fabrication shops, and claims to restore plastic, lucite, plexiglass, acrylic, and just about any other plastic polymer to its original finish.

Grand Theft Auto IV Review
Thursday, May 01, 2008
This is it: the Grand Theft Auto die-hard fans have been waiting for. Rockstar has attempted to pacify us with other crappy Grand Theft Auto games while waiting for this edition, but those games simply pass the time. Prepare to be engaged, disgusted, amazed, and best of all…stimulated…

Welcome back to Liberty City. It’s different than we remember; the graphics are better, we have a new character, and the city is massive. Yet it is not so different; keep your head low or receive a knuckle sandwich, stay away from the cops, and relax with a hooker on your lap. Ah yes, Liberty City is just as dark and dirty as any other GTA environment, but still has so much more to offer.