OCMS News March 2011

Silverstone SDP09 3.5-inch Hot-Swap SSD Adapter
Monday, March 28, 2011
There are several great uses for solid state drives in a modern rig or server, but the main problem is that the drives are so darn small. Because of their tiny form factor, they don’t plug-and-play into computer cases that have integrated hot-swap drive designs. There are a few adapters that allow installation of SSDs into an external 3.5-inch bay (like the iStar unit reviewed here), but they are generally not hot-swappable, and are only mountable inside floppy bays (hard drive bays have completely different mounting points).

To ensure complete compatibility between a 2.5″ device like a laptop hard drive or SSD with a hot-swap bay, you need a completely compatible adapter. Some adapters that come with SSDs do not have the SATA ports in exactly the right place, which is fine for a “free floating” SSD cable lead. An adapter such as the Silverstone SDP09 uses industry standard measurements, so you can be sure that the internal drive will mount, and the adapter can use any mounting method for any standard 3.5″ device, including a hot-swap bay.

Lian Li WB-01 Metal Wheel Kit Review
Saturday, March 26, 2011
Everytime I go to a LAN party, I get asked the same question: “Where did you get wheels for your case?”. You see, my favorite case is one I’ve had for several years, the Lian Li V-1000 (click to see a shot of this wheeled case), which comes with great-looking aluminum metal casters. My response is that these wheels came with the case. Now I’ve found that you can buy these Lian Li WB-01 Metal Case wheels seperately, and install them onto any PC case.

The WB-01 wheel kit comes with a front and back set of wheels, rubber wheel covers (aka “tires”), and a bag of screws and nuts. The two wheel sets are secured to a mounting base with a full-length axle, and the base has four pre-drilled screw holes. The back set of wheels has a pull-out brake lever which prevents a square peg at the center of the axle from moving, thus preventing movement. The lever is designed to move the square peg if not already in proper alignment, which prevents any possible jamming.

Evil Controllers Master Mod Xbox 360 Controller Review
Friday, March 25, 2011
If you play first person shooters on the Xbox 360, then you certainly have wished for a way to get an edge on your game. Microsoft’s original Xbox 360 controller is one of the best gamepads in the history of consoles, but some people still wish for some customization.

Some gamers prefer to switch out sticks, and others prefer individual buttons on the D-pad, in addition to the other advantages of a modded controller

If you’ve wanted to mod your own controller, and just don’t want to risk screwing things up, then why not buy a pre-modded controller? Evil Controllers mods brand-new Microsoft controllers, and guarantees their work.

In this review we also re-print the instructions on how to access all of the mod features, which have mysteriously disappeared from the internet.