OCMS News March 2005

Dual 6600GT vs Dual 6800: the SLIdown @ tcmagazine
OCModshop :: Friday, April 01, 2005
Not one of our regular news sources, but this is still a good article:

With excellent price-performance ratios and groundbreaking hardware, these sweet cards do their users proud, delivering precedently unparalleled power with their impressive feature sets, and more than doubling the results achieved by the previous generation’s best performers.

That’s not the end of it, though. After the series’ launch, in a move that endeared it to many enthusiasts and hardware nuts, nVidia then proceeded to reveal that the cards could be linked together to form a small parallel GPU processing unit, to boost power beyond the limits of any single card. Yes, gentlemen, you can let go of your Voodoo 2 cards, now. SLI is back, nVidia style.

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The Danger Den Fillport Review
Monday, March 28, 2005
Yes we have another review for a Danger Den product, by now I don’t even need to tell you that Danger Den is one of the main water cooling manufacturers in the USA. In this review I’m going to have a good look at a new product from Danger Den, their new fillport. A what? A fillport, it is basically a port connected to a barb sealed of with a hex nut, which you use to fill and bleed your water cooling loop without opening your case.

Review: Sony PSP
OCModshop :: Thursday, March 24, 2005
Not normally one of our regular news sources, but Warcry.com has posted a review of the Sony PSP…

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SilverStone LC10 HTPC Case Review
Friday, March 18, 2005
The outside of the case is absolutely stunning and will definitely match your other equipment. External design looks very professional and is well implemented. More thought should have been put into the needs of the home theater enthusiast, as the bar is raised for professional home theater equipment. What is acceptable for a standard computer will be scrutinized by an audiophile.

Building A Silent Server/HTPC
Monday, March 14, 2005
This article will also be good for someone looking to build their own HTPC. With any HTPC you want it to be silent, be warned though this usually takes some work. Servers typically very noisy on an enterprise level but we’re not building an enterprise server. For a home server that the typical power user would build it is not that difficult to keep it quiet. For this reason I am going to focus on building this computer to be silent, or at least as quiet as possible.

1GB Wintec Amp-X DDR2 PC5400 Review
Wednesday, March 09, 2005
le Wintec Industries is pretty new in the extreme memory sector of things they are already doing a good job in my opinion. This memory was basically on par with Corsair with all of the benchmarking. In most cases the Corsair memory was a little higher, however the difference was extremely minor. When it comes to overclocking this memory faired quite well, especially since the tRAS latency was a step below Corsair at stock speeds. Of course at this point you still need to decide if you want to move to DDR2 which is still a bit immature because of surrounding technologies. However if you are switching to a LGA775 setup you will have no choice but to purchase some DDR2, in which case this memory would be a good choice.

AkwaFlo RAM Cooler Review
Thursday, March 03, 2005
While water cooling is by no means a new cooling method, some system components seem to be left out of the water cooling equation on a regular basis for one reason or another. RAM is a perfect example of a component that is often not water cooled despite its importance in the overall performance of any system.

PowerColor Theater 550 Pro Review
Tuesday, March 01, 2005
On the side of the card you can see the coaxial inputs for both the TV and FM radio, as well as the DIN connector for the A/V input cable. Since my prior experience with TV tuner cards were using would fall into the “all in one” category, my first thought was why there weren’t any connections to output the signal to an external source. Upon coming to my senses a moment later, I realized that since the primary video card in the PC is used for the actual output, there isn’t any need to include any on the card itself. Another nice thing I noticed was that there is no need to connect the card to anything but the PCI slot itself. All audio and video signal feeds are passed directly thru the PCI subsystem. A bonus for those of you out there who hate the restrictions of additional wiring in your system.

Excellent Windows Media Center 2005 Review
OCModshop :: Tuesday, March 01, 2005
This isn’t one of our main stream news sources, but I came across this excellent article about Windows Media Center 2005. If you are even remotely interested in home theater or TiVo, you need to read this article. The HTPC has come of age…

Folks, Microsoft nailed it with this release, and if you’re not excited about this product, check your pulse. Windows XP Media Center Edition 2005 elegantly encapsulates all of the technologies I’m excited about into a single package that my entire family effortlessly uses every single day. It’s the ultimate example of how technology should be integrated into our daily lives: A seamless experience that improves the quality of our consumption of the digital media content that is most important to us. Thus, it also improves our very lives. We’ve all smiled or laughed at family photos in a small book: Now imagine them animating to your favorite music on an HDTV screen in your living room. We’ve spent countless hours ripping our CD collections to the PC: Now enjoy that music on your best stereo system. We’re all busy, but have TV shows we’d like to watch: Now consume that content on your schedule, not the TV network’s schedule, and skip the commercials, thank you very much.

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