OCMS News June 2004

Albatron GeForceFX 5200 Ultra
Sunday, June 27, 2004
Albatron has done the best it can with the NV34 chipset: the board is the highest quality you will find for an FX5200 card. The card does not break any framerate records, but this is a budget card, and is definitely more powerful than what $100 would buy last year. It has enough power to play today’s games adequately, but will probably require an upgrade once DirectX 9 game hit the shelves. Any consumer looking for an FX5200 based card cannot do much better than the Albatron FX5200 Ultra (if only video capture support was included).

OCmodshop is looking for more writers
Thursday, June 24, 2004
OCmodshop is going through some big changes which includes staffing. I need some writers who know how to overclock and do case mods. Because this position involves a lot of writing you will need to prove that you can write well. Along with doing reviews and guides you will also need to help with some of the other things that go on here at OCmodshop such as web news and the forums. Please follow this link and fill out the form to apply.

XFX GeForceFX 5700 Ultra review
Tuesday, June 22, 2004
I really like this card because of many reasons, the first and most important being that it performs really well. The next best thing to a great video card is giving it two DVI ports to output that performance to DVI ports on two LCDs. The stock speed of this video card makes it a great buy and the overclocking ability makes it even better. One of my complaints with the XFX 5600 Ultra I previously reviewed was that it lacked a game bundle. XFX has addressed that negative aspect by including a pretty good bundle and also includes all of the necessary cables and adapters.

AMD Athlon 64 3200+ review
Sunday, June 20, 2004
“This is a great processor and I am pleased with what AMD has done with it. Not only is it a great processor now but it will only get better. With 64-bit operating systems and software not far off this Athlon 64 has a lot to look forward to soon. Another great thing about this processor is although it is indeed 64-bit capable it is also 32-bit backwards compatible. You wont have to worry about your 32-bit software becoming obsolete or buying upgrades. Overclocking was also quite impressive as shown by the above results and with some watercooling I think this CPU has more in it.”

Thermaltake XaserV WinGo V8000A review
Tuesday, June 15, 2004
This being my first experience with a Thermaltake case I must say I am quite impressed. Though some of their previous Xaser series cases I did not like because of the aesthetics I do like this one. It looks great and even better works great. There are a ton of features that make the case really easy to use and maintain. There are also many features which promote functionality, cooling, aesthetics. This case looks to cost about $125 which could be a little expensive for some, however it is a worthy case if you want to spend the money.

Albatron K8X800 Pro II review
Tuesday, June 08, 2004
The advanced chipset features sub menu has a good amount of RAM, AGP, and PCI settings that will assist in overclocking ventures. I set all of the RAM settings to the fastest to get the best performance. The frequency/voltage control sub menu is where you will do your overclocking. The CPU ratio only goes up to 10 because the BIOS revision I am running is a little old and at the time the 3200+ was the fastest CPU available. The FSB also goes high enough for you to overclock as much as should be possible.