OCMS News July 2004

Plextor PX-708A review
Monday, July 26, 2004
Plextor has once again outdone themselves and I am more than impressed for the third time. The abilities of this drive far surpass that of any other that I have used. I really feel that Plextor took the time to look over their PX-504A which was the predecessor to this new drive and greatly improve upon it. The biggest improvement I noticed other than the obvious faster and more compatible DVD burning was the eject time and noise level. The eject time with this drive is very fast and burning both CD and DVD are extremely quiet. Not only is burning quiet but even at over 40x read speeds the drive doesn’t sound like a plane taking off. With new technologies like Mt. Rainier and Lossless linking and the ever increasing support for DVD±RW media I see no end in sight for Plextor’s reputation for quality and high performing products.

PMI 512MB PC3200 Dual Channel kit review
Sunday, July 18, 2004
The memory comes retail packaged and isn’t very fancy. The label on the front gives you some information about the RAM the clear plastic gives you a glimpse inside. The modules themselves look pretty standard as far as RAM goes. They have platinum copper heat spreaders to dissipate heat and a label stuck to each. The heat spreaders are very shiny as you can see from the reflection of my cameras flash. I left the heat spreaders on the RAM since they are on there quite snug and didn’t want to damage the RAM.

Blue Logitech MX510 mouse review
Tuesday, July 06, 2004
This is one of the most exciting reviews I have done in a long time and it is a mouse. After getting fed up with my previous mouse and how bad it was I started looking for the best mouse on the market. The overwhelming response from everyone I talked with was to get a Logitech MX500 or MX510. Now that I am a MX510 user I understand why everyone vouches for this mouse and says it is the best. Not only is this mouse technically superior to all others it looks great and is very comfortable. Simply put this is the best mouse I have ever used and you cant go wrong with it. If you are a gamer you will notice the difference in your game and feel the response this mouse offers to your movement.