OCMS News December 2009

Evercool Transformer 4 CPU Heatsink Review
Thursday, December 31, 2009
I don’t know if anyone else here watches “Ace of Cakes”. It seems like every single one they make is bigger than the last. I’m always sure that they’re going to topple over and cover an entire block with icing. He makes the coolest looking stuff, and his motto is; “Make it bigger, make it badder, make it awesome.” I’m starting to think that EverCool took this lesson to heart when they started designing the Transformer series of heatsinks. When I reviewed the Transformer 6 last year, I had my doubts as to whether this thing’s weight would snap my motherboard like a twig. It was absolutely enormous.

Enermax Apollish LED Case Fan Review
Wednesday, December 30, 2009
The guys over at Enermax were kind enough to send me their silver Apollish in both the 120mm and 80mm sizes. I opened the packaging (another thing I like about Enermax; their packaging isn’t hard to open) and removed the fans from the respective molded plastic enclosure. They really are very striking to look at. The silver finish is better than most chrome jobs on classic cars. The holograph Enermax logo adds that finishing touch of luster to the fan.

Enermax Phoenix Neo Gaming Case Review
Friday, December 11, 2009
A generation ago the only way to tell the difference between a high end gaming PC and a beige office box was by looking inside. Today PC gamers want to brand their gear as fashionable as gaming consoles, so everyone knows what’s up. There are no shortages of gaming computer cases, and because there are so many there are lots of bad choices. From my own personal experience I have discovered that an innovative design does not directly translate into a quality chassis. You really want to pick a case from a company that has been around the block a few times.

Enermax is one of those companies that have been around for a while, and consitently produce quality computer components, so you can be pretty confident that any case you buy from them isn’t going to be crap. One of their new cases geared for the PC gaming enthusiast is the Phoenix Neo, and it not only looks good but sports some interesting features that deserve a double take.

AcoustiPack Ultimate and Extra Soundproofing Materials for PC
Thursday, December 10, 2009
One of the ultimate goals of a Home Theater PC enthusiast is to achieve a completely silent appliance. There are several ways to achieve this by using low-power motherboards, solid-state drives, and cards that only require passive cooling. Although the components you choose in your system plays a significant part of its silence, the next level of noise reduction is reached when you apply sound dampening material inside your computer.

A lot of testing and research has been done by many companies to come up with acoustic material to silence your PC or home theater rig. One of the high-end materials comes from Acousti Products, who asked us to test their AcoustiPack Ultimate material, along with their AcoustiPack Extra foam.

Managing Electricity Costs During the Holidays
Wednesday, December 09, 2009
Electricity is a bit like an iceberg: it’s what you DON’T see that can kill you. Most people have no idea exactly how much electricity they use, even when the monthly bill comes. People just know if it “seems high” over previous months, because there’s no “ran computer for 96 hours” line item on the bill. This article will show you how to take control, measure, and curb the average family’s additional electricity spending during the holidays.

This article shows you how to accurately measure your electricity usage, and provides tips on how to manage its cost.

Monkey Island Season Finale: Rise of the Pirate God
Tuesday, December 08, 2009
The story continues with Guybrush Threepwood waking to find that he is covered in dirt. At first he is sure that he has been buried alive again only to soon realize that this time he is really dead. So now he is stuck in the afterlife with only a thread of life in his pocket and a handful of grave dirt. The puzzles begin immediately upon discovery of his death as he has to find a way to get passage into the crossroads of the afterlife. Since Guybrush was buried without the traditional coins placed on his eyes to give to the boat keeper. After a little trickery and making change in a Grog machine, Guybrush finally makes his way to the crossroads to find a dead man selling spirit photos.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 Review
Monday, December 07, 2009
The highly popular Call of Duty series has returned in grand style with Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2. The game not only continues the epic series in a grand way but, for my money, is the best in the series to date and is one of the most intense and gripping games ever crafted.

The game is set in the near future and follows Marines and British Special Forces on missions on varied fronts around a centralized theme. One minute you are stealthily working your way through Eastern Europe in order to retrieve a vital piece of technology from enemy forces and the next moment you are hurtling through the mountains on a snowmobile.

Coolink LapChilla Notebook Cooler Review
Sunday, December 06, 2009
There are so many laptop coolers on the market that we really can’t keep track of them. All of them have some sort of cooling mechanism by the way of fans, but they all differ greatly in different respects. Some are quiet, some are metal, some have speakers, some offer additional storage, but I have never encountered the “one cooler to rule them all”.

Coolink has produced their entry into the fray with their LapChilla notebook cooler, which tries to cater to different laptop users. It is very light, and therefore portable, but also supports a tilt feature that many road warriors may appreciate when they reach a temporary camp.

Dragon Age: Origins Review (PC, PS3, 360)
Saturday, December 05, 2009
Bioware’s new epic, dark fantasy RPG has been receiving a lot of attention lately. The game’s marketing team has hit the internet hard and you would practically have to be blind to miss all the online ads for the game. This is a special case in which all the hype and pomp is very much deserved.

Verbatim Insight 500GB Portable Hard Drive Review
Friday, December 04, 2009
This year, give your loved one a little space. Storage space, that is. Christmas is just around the corner, and there’s no better gift for that nerd in your family than external storage for all those downloaded episodes of Heroes that are cluttering up precious hard drive space. Verbatim has once again outdone themselves on space and simple coolness with the InSight Portable Hard Drive. This sleek piece of blackness comes in sizes of 350GB as well as 500GB and features Always On display technology. I’ll get into that in a few minutes, but right now let’s get a better look at the HDD itself and what it brings to the storage table.

Linux Firewall Part 5: The GUI Interface
Thursday, December 03, 2009
Now that you have IPcop installed, you need to configure it. IPcop provies you with a web interface in which you can configure nearly all of the settings of your new firewall. To connect, just open up any web browser, and connect to the IP address you set up when you installed the software. The web interface requires an secure web connection.

You will then be asked to login. By default the username is “admin” and use the password you set up when you installed your firewall. You are now presented with a Home screen and can configure nearly every aspect of your new firewall.

How To: Change the Windows 7 Logon Screen
Wednesday, December 02, 2009
Do you sneer at people who use the default Windows desktop? If you want to set yourself apart from your grandma that uses Windows XP’s Luna theme, then one of the first you do to your Operating System is make it your own. You’ve probably already skinned your Aero desktop and now need to customize your logon screen, assuming you haven’t already set auto-login.

If you want to boot up your computer to be greeted by your favorite supermodel, pokémon, or even Edward Cullen, then this tip will let you change the logon screen’s wallpaper.

Alien vs Predator Q&A with Tim Jones
Wednesday, December 02, 2009
The game takes place on planet BG-386 where a colonist mining group discovers buried ancient ruins containing a dark and horrible secret, a vicious and deadly alien race. The Marines are dispatched to the planet when contact is lost with the colonists, whilst across the stars a race of Predator warriors is alerted to the discovery of their sacred site, and a hunting party is sent to ensure that the secrets held within remain hidden at all costs. It is a completely new story to the Aliens and Predator franchises and does not follow on from either of the two previous AVP games.

Considerations When Purchasing a DVD Recorder
Tuesday, December 01, 2009
A DVD recorder, for example, allows you to record from standard definition, analogue television, as well as digital cable, satellite and “Freeview”, and you can, of course, also copy – copy protection allowing – existing DVD and VHS tape content. Recordable DVD media offers high quality pictures, and sound, time after time, with no deterioration. Content can be accessed via a system of on-screen menus, rather than by the constant winding to and fro often associated with video tape.