OCMS News April 2009

Linux Firewall Part 4: Core Software Installation
Monday, April 27, 2009
If you already have an Internet Router that you’re intending to replace, I recommend some prep-work to make things easier. Most routers are set as the gateway to their network (i.e., and this is probably the address that you want your firewall to use. Otherwise, you’ll have to set the firewall to or some other address, which can get real confusing really fast. Go ahead and log into your existing firewall, and change its address to, or some other number, so that it will not conflict with your new firewall. And turn off DHCP, since your new firewall should be the new DHCP server… you don’t want two servers trying to dole out dynamic IP addresses and wreaking all sorts of havok.

Star Trek Online Interview Part Two
Saturday, April 25, 2009
There are more than a dozen different starship classifications – we call them configurations – on the Federation side. Within each of these configurations you can customize your ship’s appearance. Switch out the nacelles, the pylons, the saucer, the bridge, change the color details or windows … the team has done some incredible stuff!

Our goal with the configurations is to let players create the ship they want, but also to help other players know what kind of ship someone has and what it can do at a glance. “I know that’s an Akira configuration, so I know about how powerful that guy is. I know what his ship can do.”

Star Trek Breakfast Cereal Review!
Thursday, April 23, 2009
Some have wondered if J.J. Abram’s new movie will appeal to the younger audience, who are the primary demographic of movie-goers…

Well wonder no more! I bring you Kellog’s Star Trek Limited Edition Breakfast cereal!

There have been lots of “limited edition” breakfast cereals in the past. They are “limited edition” because the marketing departments know that these franchises only interest the public for a short time. I remember gnoshing down on Mr. T cereal, nomming on C3POs, and shredding the roof of my mouth with Smurf Berry cereal. Not to be out-marketed, Kelloggs’ new Star Trek cereal should not only appeal to kids, but to webmasters and influential technology analysts in their mid-thirties.

Audio2 FX Force Feedback Gaming Headphones Review
Wednesday, April 22, 2009
In order to get the best out of your gaming experience, you have to feel the noise. Yeah, Quiet Riot did have it right all those sixty or so years ago. With the advances in audio gaming technologies, we can now “feel” the power of a shotgun or experience the thud of falling from a roof onto the ground. Watching movies with 3D sound is okay, but gaming with it is the first step to Game Nirvana. Do you know what it feels like to take an artillary round in your ear-hole? You will.

Antec Solution NSK4480BII Case Review
Tuesday, April 21, 2009
It’s sleek. It’s black. It’s “green”, and it is a pain in the ass to figure out how to get it open for the first time. Don’t worry, once you get it, you’ll feel like a complete moron for not figuring it out sooner.

I love cases. If you’ve read any of my other case reviews, I swoon over them. Like a teenage girl yet to hit puberty swoons over a barely yet badly thought-out vampire who gets shiny in sunlight and eats animals. My getting to play with a new case is like a car lover getting a new body that is completely bare, just begging for new interior and a fast engine. Nothing is better than taking off the side and peering in to see what kind of crap you can cram in there.

Razer Carcharias Gaming Headset Review
Monday, April 20, 2009
Today we`ll be looking at the Razer Carcharias, a self-proclaimed “Professional Gaming Headset”. We all know Razer for their gaming mice, but recently they have also began making audio related products, of which the humble gaming headset can’t be left out.

The box claims that these headsets deliver “True-to-Life Gaming Audio, Superior clarity and deep, thumping bass”. Lets see if they can live up to this claim.

Dragonball: Evolution Semi-Review
Monday, April 20, 2009
To me, the Dragonball Z story has completely confounded me. I catch the cartoons every now and then and have absolutely no clue as to what’s going on. As a technology and game reviewer, I find myself at a disadvantage because these games are so popular, and have penetrated every game console in existance.

Dragonball: Evolution is directed by James Wong, who has been involved with the X-files, The One, The Others, and many other popular movies and shows. Goku is played by Justin Chatwin, and they even got Chow Yun Fat to play Master Roshi.

Building a Linux Firewall Part 3: Selecting Your Hardware
Saturday, April 18, 2009
As mentioned in the previous segment, you can create a professional-level firewall using old hardware that you would otherwise throw away. Some people may choose to purchase new dedicated hardware, which can have several advantages. Either way, you can create a hardware firewall costs significantly less than the $1000-$3000 that professional hardware devices can cost.

DisplayLink USB Graphics Adapter Review
Friday, April 17, 2009
Regardless of your reasons, people are now used to running multiple monitors in everyday situations… but not every computer is equipped with multiple display ports. Some monster cards, like the Sapphire 4850 X2 reviewed here, have four DVI ports, which is more than enough for even Al Gore. Most add-on graphics cards only have 2 ports, and only one of them may be DVI. Notebooks (and netbooks) usually only have a single VGA port, if they have one at all. If only there was some way to upgrade your monitor and desktop space without opening your computer…

DisplayLink has the answer with their innovative USB to Graphics adaptors. These little devices are small little boxes that plug into a USB port, and then connect to any DVI or VGA monitor. The software uses your existing video card’s capabilities, so even full-motion video and 3D accelleration is still possible on your other monitors.

City of Heroes Architect Edition Interview
Thursday, April 16, 2009
OCMS: How did this new feature come about?

Architect was initially designed to be an improvement to our internal development tools. At the time, we were a relatively small team trying to support a large subscriber base. Making great content easier and faster to create was the primary goal of the original internal Architect system. The problem we faced was a lack of bandwidth and development time to implement the feature. Thankfully, when NCsoft fully acquired City of Heroes they were willing to invest the time and resources needed to bring this to life. It was during that time we decided to actually open the tool up to the players as a full blown feature.

1968 Tunnel Rats Movie Review
Wednesday, April 15, 2009
In the film “1968 Tunnel Rats” controversial director Uwe Boll has crafted a solid and moving depiction of war, brutality, and how fragile the human psyche can be.

Set in 1968 Vietnam, the film tells the story of a group of soldiers who operate from a jungle camp under the command of LT. Hollowborn (Michael Pare).

Ultra X3 800w Modular Power Supply Review
Wednesday, April 15, 2009
If you’ve noticed lately, everything is more power hungry than ever. A decent video card now requires its own power source, and many people are Crossfiring the crap out of their systems, so that’s twice the original juice flowing through. And now there are Blu-Ray drives, and you’ll probably want to keep your old DVD burner for a while, so now you have two optical drives. Twice the power again. Overclock, put in more RAM, a million fans, and all the gadgets that plug into your USB and suck away more energy. Jeeze, people. I hope you are all enjoying that hefty electric bill.

Far Cry Movie Review
Tuesday, April 14, 2009
On a remote island in the Pacific Northwest, a scientist named Dr. Krieger (Udo Kier) is conducting horrific genetic experiments in his secret facility.

Krieger is attempting to create the ultimate soldier for his financial backers and is not above using his own men as test subjects and fodder for his experiments as the morally lacking Krieger only cares about his work and his funding.

In the film “Far Cry”, Director Uwe Boll has taken the classic 3D shooter from Ubisoft and given it his own unique interpretation.

Otterbox Defender Case for Blackberry Storm
Tuesday, April 14, 2009
The big problem with portable computing devices is that they’re portable. What I mean by that is this statement is that these expensive devices are put through a lot of wear and tear, and sustain damage just from being toted around. Many people’s cell phones perform many functions at once: cell phone, email client, MP3 player, and even portable game device . As such, these portable gadgets are mixed in with other items in a bag (or purse), and can easily get scratched or dented. Add into the mix that many new gadgets have delicate touch screens, and you can see why there’s a great need for excellent protection.

Guitar Hero: Metallica Review
Sunday, April 12, 2009
Guitar Hero Metallica has arrived and allows aspiring rockers to jam along to their favorite music and live out their rock fantasies. Following up the successful Guitar Hero World Tour, Guitar Hero Metallica offers 28 Metallica classics as well as 21 other songs from artists such as Diamondhead, Samhain and Mercyful Fate who are credited as major influences to the band.

For those expecting the game to be what they have seen before with new tracks, they will be delighted to know that the game has an updated graphic engine that allows for a more realistic depiction of the band and venues and includes many real venues such as the Hammersmith Odeon which is crafted in amazing detail as are the band themselves, right down to the mannerisms.

Resident Evil 5 Review
Sunday, April 12, 2009
Capcom has hit the ball out of the park with the very enjoyable latest chapter in the classic Resident Evil series, Resident Evil 5. This time out, Capcom has wisely eschewed the on rails gameplay of the recent Resident Evil: Umbrella Chronicles and allowed gamers a full range of movements to explore the detailed landscapes of the game.

Playing as Chris Redfield (from the original game and Resident Evil: Code Veronica), the game is set roughly 10 years after the original game and sees Chris travel to Africa in order to investigate a reported viral outbreak at the hands of the Umbrella corporation. Shortly after his arrival, Chris meets his new partner, Sheva Alomar and sets out to investigate the strange happenings in the local town.

Chronicles of Riddick: Assault on Dark Athena (PC) Review
Saturday, April 11, 2009
It has been five years since we saw Riddick shredding up enemies in 2004’s “Escape from Butcher Bay”. That game was a runaway hit that came out of nowhere, and left many PC gamers wanting more. Atari has now developed the sequel to this sequel (Riddick’s character was originally introduced in the movie Pitch Black), but this time expands its audience to include the Xbox 360 and Playstation 3. In this review, we’ll be focusing on the PC review, because believe me there are glaring differences between the PC version and its console bretheren.

GMC X7 X-Station Gaming Case Review
Friday, April 10, 2009
What I love is that case makers are no longer giving us only flat gray cases anymore. You can get pretty much anything you want from a multitude of websites, and if they don’t have it they’ve got a starter case than you can build up the way you want it. When I saw the X7 X-Station from GMC, I said to myself: Now that’s a cool case. It gives you the feeling that at any moment it could transform into a robot or something. Or that it could possibly be a container for some world-ending virus. Either way, it’s the kind of thing I enjoy. And, it’s flat black…. someone loves me.

Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs Game Interview
Friday, April 10, 2009
The game does follow the events of the film with some added adventures to extend the experience beyond the movie. Catching up with everyone’s favorite characters, Manny and Ellie are now awaiting the birth of their baby mammoth, while Diego and Sid ponder their roles in this new “family.”

Custom Firewall Part 2: Determe Your Network Setup
Thursday, April 09, 2009
Many firewalls make certain assumptions and use several standard conventions. Understand the standard terminologies and you’ll have an easier time when setting up your firewall.

Firewalls use standard conventions when referencing areas of the network. There are four basic network types, all of which can be managed by the firewall at the same time. These networks are called:

id’s Peter Sokal Answers our Wolfenstein Questions
Thursday, April 09, 2009
Recently I got the chance to speak with Peter Sokal, Community Manager of id software about the pending latest chapter in the Castle Wolfenstein series. I want to thank Peter for answering our questions and Robert at Activision for arranging the interview.

OCMS: What is the background and setting for the game?

PS: In Wolfenstein, you play as B.J. Blazkowicz, an elite agent for the Office of Secret Actions (OSA).

Rock Band: Unplugged for PSP Thoughts
Wednesday, April 08, 2009
It seems like after several long years, the PSP is finally coming of age. Last month, Sony released Resistance: Retribution for the PSP (read our review here). This is one of the first games on the PSP to make extensive use of the internet, and Sony’s Playstation Network. Sony is finally starting to flex its muscles to offer more downloadable content, too… which means there are now “legitimate” reasons to have a 16GB memory stick in your PSP.

To help Sony’s portable device along in their newfound online interest, Rock Band: Unplugged is coming out for the PSP. Not only will this be the first portable Rock Band game (Nintendo DS has Guitar Hero World Tour), but it will offer a lot of downloadable content, in the way of new songs. The new songs will integrate directly into Sony’s Playstation Store, and apparently can download new songs without leaving the game.

Uwe Boll Interview about Tunnel Rats Video Game
Tuesday, April 07, 2009
Recently I got to get the latest news on the pending video game adaptation of the original Uwe Boll movie Tunnel Rats: 1969. Since Boll made his mark on video game based films, we decided to get the scoop into his first entry into gaming. I want to thank Stephan Beier the games producer as well as Uwe for answering my questions

OCMS: What is the background and setting for the game and how does it tie in with the events of the film?

The game is developed after the movie story. The player starts the game with the mission to rescue the crew from the movie. He has to fight Vietcong in the jungle and in the tunnels, disarm or avoid their traps, to follow the tracks of the original crew.

Building a Linux Firewall Part 1: Why?
Tuesday, April 07, 2009
Kids today have more adult freedoms and priveledges than any prior generation. Add to that all of the unwarranted privacy they receive, and you’ll see that any parent should be concerned about what their kids are doing online. It’s in the news every week: some teenager who has committed suicide over Internet Bullying, kids being listed as sex offenders for broadcasting naked photos of themselves. And don’t even get me started on how anonynimity emboldens angry teens to behave in aggressive, rude, and socially reprehensible ways… especially when many families today only have one parent in the house. Do you think kids would act this way if they knew someone was watching?

Saitek Cyborg Force Rumble Gamepad Review
Monday, April 06, 2009
A month ago I publish an article about how much I suck at using PC Gamepads, and I end up having to review a gamepad? I must have angered the gods somehow, because now I have to not only write about my own personal Kryptonite, I also have to touch it. To inspect it. To actually use it. How did I get roped into something like this? Because I was offered unlimited use of the OCMS company car. How could I possibly turn down a semi-new Datsun?

Saitek has come out with a gamepad supposedly worthy enough to bring a challenge to my distaste. It’s called the Cyborg Force Rumble. It transforms. It rumbles. It has one-touch FPS mode ready to rock. But don’t let my endless rambling give away all the details.

How to Repair a broken PSP LCD Screen
Saturday, April 04, 2009
Taking apart and repairing your PSP is really easy, so don’t be intimidated. After you see how easy you’ll think twice before sending it off to Sony for a month, or to some sleazy repair tech who only wants to charge you 60 bucks for a repair that takes 20 minutes, tops.

Fast and Furious Movie Review (2009)
Friday, April 03, 2009
High adrenaline films have always been a signature of the summer movie season and with a bevy of blockbusters lines up for the summer months, Universal has the opening salvo with the very impressive “Fast and Furious”.

Although the fourth film in the series, the film is in many ways is the first true sequel to the 2001 original as it reunites Vin Diesel and Paul Walker.

Interview with NCsoft’s Lani Blazier About Aion MMORPG
Friday, April 03, 2009
LB: The games takes place in Atreia – a once peaceful world created by the God Aion. Centuries ago, during the great Millennium War with the evil Balaur, Atreia was literally ripped in half. The world was then split into two halves, each side separated from the other. Over time, the inhabitants of each side evolved physically and socially to adapt to their environments. The lower half of the world is lush, vibrant and bathed in light—which is where the Elyos reside. The other half is dark with deep rich colors — this is home to the Asmodians. Each half blames the other for the destruction of the sacred Tower of Eternity and for ending the peace that their beautiful world once had.

Ghostbusters Game Questions Answered by Producers
Thursday, April 02, 2009
Recently I got the chance to ask Michael Fetterman, Executive Producer and Brendan Goss, Producer – Terminal Reality about the new Ghostbusters game from Atari. I want to thank Lila and Steve for their assistance with this interview.

OCMS: What is the background, storyline and setting for the game?

Game story is set in 1991, two years after the events of the second film. NYC now celebrates & embraces the Ghostbusters, who are the City’s official Paranormal Investigations and Eliminations Experts. Ghostbusters are under contract wit h the city, and the city pays the Ghostbuster’s bills AND the insurance premiums for enormous collateral damage.

Left4Dead Used as Training Simulator by Military Group
Wednesday, April 01, 2009
If you’ve ever been to Idaho, you’ll agree with me that’s it’s a nice place to visit. They have more potatoes than anyone else really cares to brag about. But there’s something else there just behind the thin veil of potato chips and skinheads. There is a group of people living on a twenty-acre tract of land nestled in the hills just outside of Mountain Home, Idaho. They claim to be the last line of defense against a force so great that most of the world shudders at the very thought of its existence.

“I can tell you one thing, when it all comes crashing down and it’s just us against them, this is one soldier that won’t go softly into that good night with a f#ckin’ zombie chomping on his neck”. Says Tom Bordonix, founder and leader of the NecroResistance. That’s right, they are preparing to fight hordes of zombies and defend this nation we call home. Most call them crazy. Some have even gone so far as to have them turned in to local authorities as a public nuisance. “But there’s no stopping us. We are going to see our training through and ensure a safe tomorrow for our children and their children.” Tom proclaims.