OCMS is Racist!


From: **** Phan **phan04@hotmail.com
Date: Apr 1, 2006 12:21 AM
Subject: Hey that’s a racist title!
To: tim

I found your title for modding Lian Li cases- “Rice out your Lian Li” completely racist! You should pat yourself on the back for perpetuating stupid stereotypes! 

Thx, I just deleted ocmodshop.com from my bookmark. You did your employer a good service!

Get an education!





I’ve heard the term “Rice out” a looooooooooooong time ago, and it has to deal with tricking out an otherwise lame car with spoilers, pin stripes, and other gaudy accessories.  Some people refer to any Japanese or Korean import as a “rice mobile” or “rice rocket”.  This is in no way intended to be derogatory or negative to the Asian community in any way.

Here’s an exeprt taken from this informative link:


The term rice burner or rice car or ricer most often refers to automobiles (usually economy cars) that have the appearance of a high performance car, but often have little or no functional modifications applied, such as an improved engine, suspension, or brakes. This practice is in contrast to the “stealth” or “sleeper” style of automotive modification, where a vehicle may have major internal modifications for greater performance, but the appearance remains similar to that of a stock model. Almost any vehicle can be modified in this manner, but the most common vehicles are usually the sport compact models from most major automakers.

Some people will call any Asian made vehicle a “rice car”, frequently derogating them in favor of U.S.-produced vehicles. There is also some confusion with the term “rice rocket,” which refers to a fast car, sports car, or sport motorcycle from Japan. Alternatively, the term “rice burner” is also used derogatively by American bikers to refer to foreign-make motorcycles.

To verify this, I actually spoke to several Asian-americans in my community, and even a person LIVING in China.  All of them had no problem with this term, and see no negative connotation to it.  The gentleman from China even had to ask his co-workers if this was racist!

I was drawing a parallel between “tricking out” a street vehicle with a top-of-the-line PC, since “ricing out” is a street term.  I actually thought more people would have problems with my horrible e-bonics “drizzle the shizzle all over the hizzle”.

Besides, I could have been talking about Indians… they eat about as much rice as Asians anyway….  Assuming that anything RICE has to be associated with Asians is more racist than anything I can spew out!

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