OCMS Goes Down

The OCMS server was down for several hours during the night.

The server was up and running the whole time, but IIS had stopped responding, and restarting IIS did not remedy the problem. After rebooting the server, everything was up and running again.

I have been monitoring errors and warnings in the logs for a while, and the server had been running for like 4 months straight, so there was alot of memory being used that wasn’t being released: SQL Server was using 700MB by itself! I am in process of moving several functions onto their own servers (mail, sql, etc), to help alleviate this. Right now everything is on one server, and they all fight with each other for memory.

I have 8Us of server space and am only currently using 1U of space! I’m working on a seperate mail server and extra storage, plus adding a few other network-related hardware goodies.

Server was slow over the weekend of St. Patrick’s Day…

I installed Updates to Windows Server 2003 (after I discovered that you need a patch for the new Daylight Savings Time Schedule… thank you W…).
So anyway, the updates screwed IIS up all over the place and I couldn’t fix it remotely, so I ended up going to the datacenter and hard-rebooting the server.
All is well again.  This is the last time, I promise.
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