OCMS Is Back Up

Apparently OCModShop went down either last night or this morning… 

The server that runs the OCModBlog went down, and was a hardware error, because the server was making all sorts of annoying alarms, and flashing red on the front panel.  I couldn’t find anything in the server logs that points to what went wrong.

This affected the main site, because I’m pulling RSS feeds from the blog to show the latest posts.  Apparently I didn’t make an exception for when the rss feed cannot be pulled, so it threw up an error instead.  I’ve made a code change that looks for the feed before trying to render it, so hopfully this will fix the issue.

I’m still trying to figure out what happened, but it seems very odd that this occurred during daylight savings change… but this would not likely cause an alarm.  Perhaps the system overheated.

UPDATE: Ah… the CPU fan has failed.  Problem solved.

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