OCmodshop’s 10 Year Anniversary

OCModShop 10 Year Anniversarry

Today marks the 10th Year Anniversary of OCmodshop.com!  OCmodshop was originally created as a personal technology blog to share ideas on how to overclock processors, modify computer cases, and in general push the limits of PC hardware.

Fast-forward to today and the industry has changed quite a bit.  The cool custom projects that were originally created by a handful of hardware enthusiasts are now created en-masse by several different manufacturers.  There are still lots of innovative modding projects that just haven’t been duplicated by manufacturers, and the modding community is still going strong.

Over the years, we have delved into PC game reviews, which honestly is what drives PC technology to be faster and cheaper.  If it weren’t for the PC gaming market, then the gaming industry as we know it would not exist.  The current console market of Xbox 360, Playstation 3, and even the Nintendo Wii has been influenced by PC gamers and PC technology, and there are still parts of PC gaming that cannot be rivaled by consoles.  Of course, I speak of MMOs, and the graphics of any modern PC game completely obliterates any console of the same generation.

The OCModShop logo has changed over the years

The OCModShop logo has changed over 10 years

OCmodshop has grown from a personal technology blog into a great online resource of information.  At the beginning we were struggling to reach 3,000 hits in a month, and we now reach that within ten minutes.  If you really want to see what we were like in our humble beginnings, you can check out OCmodshop’s Wayback Machine

Here’s to how far PC technology has come, and I feel very privileged to be allowed to follow along as a technology and gaming journalist.  Thank you to all of the vendors and gaming companies who have supported us throughout the years.

Here’s to another 10, 20… and even another 100 years of honey-dipped, slow-roasted PC modding goodness!

Thanks for reading!

Alan McCloskey

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