OCmodshop Is Going Live!

Well, kinda. I’m just excited I wanted to let you know in a couple of months, this site is getting it’s first “Video Game Movie”.

I can’t really go into the show details right now. But Don is producing it, writing the storyboards, doing the filming etc. I’m doing the script, the game playing… and the “acting”.

I’m working on the script and the first show for these is always the worst, so I don’t want to say anything now. We are planning on throwing this on youtube and are attempting to really draw attention to the site. The goal when we finally have a groove is to do one of these a month until we can get enough viewers that maybe we can dedicate a lot more resources to it

As far as content? Well everything has been done before. We’re doing a spin on two well known personalities on the web, kinda a median between the two.  All I’m going to tell you is…


Remember those  old-school RPGs

Remember how bad those storylines were? Or how the translation was horrible?


I’ll let your mind wander on that note.

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