OCmodshop 4.0 Released


A few years ago, we migrated the old OCmodshop platform from a Windows-based .NET 1.1 solution to Linux. We’ve forged ahead to update the site to the new 4.0 version.

We updated our logo, which I think finally is what I wanted it to look like this whole time: a flaming “overclock” initial on top of a computer chip.


New Responsive Layout

We’ve also updated the front page to be more compact so you can easily find what you’re looking for.  We’ve also gotten rid of the scrolling “Featured” widget.  Nobody really likes those things, and if people can’t see it on the first second, they’re not going to wait for the widget to update.

The site now relies more on CSS for layout.  Go ahead and resize your browser.  We’ll wait.  See how the article and widgets respond to the window size?  This works for tablets and phones, too!  The layout changes depending on your current orientation and screen resolution

hover-over-article article page 1 - large image header


We reduced the number of ads on the site.  So, yay.

We’ve been working on this new feature since February, and there’s still some things we want to fix.  We want to make things faster and more efficient.   We also want to improve our navigation.  We also want to re-introduce custom themes for holidays and other special events.

If you want us to implement a feature to make your life easier, or want us to improve a feature, then send us your thoughts!

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  1. fraggerchik

    June 15, 2014 at 7:39 am

    Looks beautiful, guys! Still my favorite review site.

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