OCmodblog moved over to Server 2008

If you get a 404 error, then that means that you probably have some old files cached.  Since the permalinks are new, you may be trying to go to an old page.  Flush your browser’s cache and reload the web page.

Now that most of the kinks have been worked out of Server 2008, I have moved over this blog to the new technology.  The new server is using FastCGI, so the page renders many times faster than the old server.

IIS7 brings new features to the table, but the most notable is output caching and a Microsoft-certified URL rewrite plugin.   WordPress by itself is horribly, horribly slow, and there were a few “band-aid” plugins that people have used over the years to make it faster… like wp-supercache. 

WP-Supercache does not work well with IIS.  Pretty premalinks were hard to implement on IIS6, as well.  Well IIS7 takes care of all of these issues.  IIS7 supports Output Caching, which does the exact same thing as WP-SuperCache, but without all the limitations (WPSC is not compatible with web compression).

There are a few plugins that don’t work well with FastCGI, so there may be some errors, but I’m trying to sort them out.  For one, the “similar posts” plugin seems to blow up when you save some posts (apparently when there’s a special character that hasn’t been caught).  It appears that this plugin doesn’t yet support WP 2.7, so I’m waiting for a new version before I start blaming FastCGI.

So, to make a long story short, the [OC]ModBlog has all WordPress features installed… so here are the new features:

  • pretty permalinks (finally!)
  • output caching
  • dynamic web compression
  • FastCGI (extremely fast PHP parsing)

This blog is now ready for a Slashdot, Digg, or any other high traffic spooge.

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