OC Your Modem?

I smell a new guide “OC your modem”


I might save the pics for the mega-cooled verson that uses a maze 2-2 with dual 172w pelts to keep the thing chilly. Of course, that would also require some condensation proofing of the PCB with acrylic conformal coating, silicone conformal coating, dielectric grease and maybe some neoprene.

hmmmm…how about this one–
“Cascade Phase Change Cooling Yer Cable Modem”
I really like the sound of that title…
snippage from the article:
The first step was to build the high-stage that would use a mix of R22, R134a and R290 with a ratio designed to roughly match the performance and boiling point of R500. The second step was construction of the the low-stage which uses R1150 (figure 1: please note the use of a TempRite oil separator which removes any oil and returns it to the compressor before the refrigerant enters the modem evaporator). With the combined capabilities of the dual-stage phase change, my modem’s processor now rests at a frosty -112 deg C”  
lol. what can I say? I’m bored and I have far too many cooling parts laying around…
overclocking the cable modem?? the last guy that tried that got arrested by the feebs for theft of services. 
on a more serious note (that is semi-off topic as well) I do have the parts for a cascade phase change system setting on my bench but it is going to be the plain old CPU cooling type when I get around to it. I have played around with the refrig ratios and I just about have the one for the high stage lined out. The evap for the CPU is almost ready and I already pre-brazed some sections of the loops. That is where I hit a brick wall with trying to track down some R1150 for the low stage. I will locate a source sooner or later but until then, I still have my -50C single stage unit to mess with. Pic from the last test run with my new evap design:
it does better with insulation. :D