NZXT Tempest Gamer Case Review


I'm Super Serial!

PC Gaming is a serious business.  Maybe it’s because PC gamers are constantly upgrading their hardware and are usually on the cutting edge (if not bleeding edge) of the latest PC technology.  PC gamers not only require their hardware to be fast, but look cool at the same time.  There is a degree of one-upmanship amongst PC gamers, and the green-eyed monster usually sparks an interest at LAN parties.  I know when I go to a LAN party I find lots of new hardware I just have to have in order to feel like the technology guru I know I am.

Unfortunately, the hardware specifically targeted towards gamers is also very expensive.  An elite PC Gaming Case (chassis or enclosure) has many more features than your standard office PC.  For one, many include built-in support for watercooling, and others provide easy access to USB and audio ports…. and of course should have a window to show off all of your LEDs, VFDs, CCFDs, and all the other acronymns you have inside.

NZXT has developed a case that appears to have nearly everything a gamer could want, including a price tag under $100.  We explore NZXT’s Tempest Gaming PC case, and see if it truely will satisfy.

NZXT, a company built on realizing the dreams of gamers worldwide, is proud to announce the NZXT Tempest. Tempest features breakthrough features in every category satisfying the high performance demands of PC Enthusiasts and Gamers worldwide. Tempest stakes its claim as Airflow King with 6 fans including dual intake(120mm), dual exhaust(140mm) with additional side and rear fans(120mm) all included. Tempest maximizes expandability with E-ATX support allowing for more compatibility with high end components including larger graphics cards. Cable routing is pre-drilled so users can hide cables behind the motherboard tray, allowing for a cleaner appearance and improved airflow. Tempest also features server-like HDD space by using dual 120mm fans to cool cages holding up to 8 HDDs allowing for large capacity systems while maintaining cool temperatures.


  • Dual radiator ready: The NZXT Tempest is pre-drilled for mounting a dual 120mm radiator at the top of the chassis, currently compatible and tested with Swiftech MCR220, Asetek Dual radiator solution, and Thermaltake TMG2.
  • Airflow King: Dual 120mm intake, Dual 140mm Exhaust with an additional side 120mm fan and rear 120mm fan all included.
  • Maximize Expandability: E-ATX support allows more compatibility with high end components including large graphics cards
  • Easier accessibility & cable management: Cable routing is pre-drilled on the motherboard so users can hide cables behind the motherboard tray, allowing more a cleaning look and better airflow. Power, E-SATA, USB and Reset buttons are mounted at the top to give better accessibility.
  • Bottom mounted PSU: PSU mounting at the bottom allows for more security and separation of heat from the CPU
  • Server-like HDD space: Dual 120mm fans cool cages that hold up to 8 HDDs allowing for large capacity systems while maintaining cool temperatures