NZXT Sentry LX Fan Controller Review


Digitally Wrangle Your Fans

I am a firm believer in cooling.  I don’t care what you are running, how powerful or how weak your system is, adequate cooling is a must for your computer to live a long and happy life.  With all the options available so cheap these days, who can really come up with an excuse as to why they shouldn’t have decent cooling in their systems?  Water cooling, customized heatsinks, and even cases that are completely filled with non conductive liquid have paved a highway of arctic temperatures that seem to get cooler every day.  Pun definitely intended.  But the cheapest and by far my favorite way to keep the old case nippy is the original fan system.

A couple of decent fans to push the air through is more than sufficient on most systems.  Some of us, however, require much more to keep things cool while we put our computers through the gauntlet.  The only problem is that many motherboards only have one or two places to plug your typical 3-prong fan.  Three at most.  And then you are limited to a single speed or whatever the motherboard decides is best.  YOU control the computer, not the other way around.  That’s where the NZXT Sentry LX comes in.  Time to show your computer who the biatch really is.

NZXT, a company built on realizing the dreams of gamers worldwide, is proud to announce the Sentry LX, a high-performance aluminum fan controller. Sentry LX boasts a robust feature set providing gamers and PC enthusiasts with the optimal setup for monitoring and adjusting temperatures throughout the PC.

Simple Installation: Sentry LX slides easily into any dual 5.25 drive bay
Complete Control: 5 Temperature Probes keep tabs on all areas of your system while the 5 Fan controllers adjust the fans’ RPM speed
Auto/Manual Modes: Allows users to automatically adjust the fan speeds to correspond to a specific temperature or manually set your system for extreme overclocking capabilities or absolute silence
Temperature Alarm: Instant notification if temps rise above a designated point
Intuitive Interface and LCD Display: NZXT’s ergonomic interface design allows you to customize your airflow on the fly
Sleek Design: Aluminum plated front panel is designed to match any high-end chassis


  • Large dual 5.25″ LCD screen
  • NZXT designed intuitive control, set and change fan speeds and settings on the fly
  • Auto/Manual modes, let the LCD take control or set fan speeds to your liking
  • Temperature alarm
  • Aluminum finish
  • NZXT Designed graphical interface, easy to read and understand
  • Saved Settings, calender and fan settings are stored even during system off so settings don’t need to be redone
  • Supports up to 4Watt per channel