NZXT Gamma Case Review


What's black, beefy, and rock solid?

I graduated from High School nearly nine years ago.  Everyone has heard those “things were different in my day” stories from their parents and grand-parents.  But in a little hick town in Tennessee with a population under 5,000 people, things really were different.  Everyone I knew carried a knife to school; it was a requirement for some of the classes, believe it or not.  I don’t think I ever had a class that had more than 25 other students in it.  And the faculty, well, let’s not get into them right now.  Let’s just say that one of them actually did not condone enunciation in her classroom, she said it took too long to say what you wanted to say.  But the point is, black wasn’t popular then either.  No, not that kind of black, I mean black clothing.  Once again, that’s another story altogether.

And now, everyone and their mother are wearing black.  It’s a fashion trend now.  I still wear it all the time, and rarely wear anything else, but not because half the people on television claim to be dark and mysterious.  I simply still don’t give a crap and have a horrible attitude most of the time.  But I have a feeling that NZXT targets me sometimes when it comes to their gaming cases.

They go flat black (what we called “murdered out”) and they make them look absolutely awesome.  Take the case I’m reviewing today for example, the Gamma steel mid tower.  It’s sleek, roomy, and has space for six 120mm fans.  I tell you, it’s awesome, it’s black, and it doesn’t care what you think.

Let’s get right down to the technical specs of this beauty:

  • DRIVE BAYS: 4 External 5.25” bays, 6 internal 3.5” bays, 7 expansion slots.
  • COOLING FAN OPTIONS: 1x120mm front fan, 1x120mm rear fan, 2×120/140mm side fans, and 2×120/140mm top fans.  Rear fan included.
  • CHASSIS DIMENSIONS: (D x W x H): 508 x 190 x 440

Next we take a look at what this case has to offer…