NZXT FX-120LB and FX-140LB Case Fans Review

FX-140LB Angle

Out of the box

Out of the box, each one is classic NZXT.  Black frames with white fans set inside.  The 140mm fan has a total of nine blades, while the 120mm fan has seven.  Each fan comes with a little baggie of screws and another bag with the screwless rubber fasteners.  There is also a 3-pin to molex adapter included in each box.  I really like that NZXT included both a standard 3-pin for those who want to control their fan speed via software as well as the capability to run directly from the PSU.  Each fan’s power cable has a three speed control switch on it.


Installation is about as straight forward as you can get with fans.  If you don’t know how to put a fan in your computer, then you really need to go back to PC Kindergarten.  I opted for the rubber screwless mounts, as I intended on taking them back out after I was done.  I actually had the fan mounted and connected in less than 30 seconds using these.  But they are old news, and we’re reviewing the fans here.

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