NZXT Avatar 2600dpi Gaming Mouse Review



Overall the NZXT Avatar 2600dpi gaming mouse offers a lot of value and performs very well.  However, there are a few subtle items that you need to be aware of when considering this mouse.  For one, this mouse has a very different feel since it has a small back-end, so you need to make sure this will be comfortable for you.  Even though the Avatar is symmetrical, the DPI indicators will benefit Right-handers most.

Also, because of its design, the “secondary thumb” (Forward) button is practically useless, and is impossible to reach.  I was a little disappointed that the DPI tiers were not more customizable.  This is NZXT’s initial offering, so hopefully they will learn from these issues and totally blow our doors off with their next mouse.

Other than those issues, the mouse has a great solid feel.  The scroll wheel is just what you want in a gaming mouse, and the buttons underneath are very satisfying and have a solid touch that isn’t too sensitive.  The mouse also has a great look that will surely let you fit in with the “cool kids” at the next LAN party, and perhaps you can finally gain some respect by seperating their virtual heads from their virtual bodies.  This mouse has earned its solid 4 out of 5 score.

REPORT CARD : NZXT Avatar 2600dpi Gaming Mouse
category rating comments
Quality 4 Very well constructed, and good comfortable grip coating.
Innovation 4 Kudos for trying to make an ambidextrous mouse, but button and LED placement could be more usable.
Performance 4 No complaints on movement, however some buttons are hard to reach, and therefore useless.
Installation 4 Instantly up and going, and hardware-based DPI switching.  Software is a little basic.
Value 4 Not the cheapest mouse in the world, but by far not the mose expensive.
FINAL VERDICT: 4 out of 5 stars
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