NZXT Avatar 2600dpi Gaming Mouse Review



There are more functions to the NZXT Avatar, but they are all handled in software.  The mouse comes with some basic software that allows you to adjust settings, change profiles, and adjust macros, and all must be done through this control panel.

The Advanced Functions (should be called Basic Functions because there is already and Advanced Settings page) allow you to adjust the Button assignments of all seven buttons.  The software allows for 5 different profiles, and I’ve found that one desktop profile and other gaming profiles works great.  By default the two buttons below the scroll wheel (buttons #6 and #7) do not have any assignment, which are very useful as Copy and Paste.  On this screen you can also change the orientation to Right-Handed or Left-handed, which basically just mirrors the mouse’s functions.  You can also adjust the polling rate between 125Hz, 500Hz (default), and 1000Hz.  I have found that 1000Hz can act funky depending on the computer’s USB chipset.  Also, 1000Hz does not like to play nice with some USB hubs or KVMs, so be aware of that.

Advanced Functions and Sensitivity Screens

The Button Assignment area also lets you build macros or assign keyboard shortcuts.  Just click on the button’s dropdown and you’ll be presented with an Custom option.  A little popup window appears with two tabs that let you assign a Single Key or a Macro to this button.  You can also insert delays between keys, just like other gaming mice.  Additionally, you can also select from a dropdown of Additional Functions (where I found Copy and Paste) and Media Functions (such as Pause and Next Track).

Advanced Settings and Macro Screens

The Sensitivity screen allows you to adjust the X and Y axis of the mouse.  In the FPS gaming profile, this can be handy to keep your guns pointed along the horizon without too much trouble.  Some may consider this cheating, and I believe professional competitions do not allow custom X-Y sensitivity.  This screen also allows you to adjust your Windows pointer speed independently.

Additional Functions and Media Functions

The Advaned Settings allow you to change the Scroll Speed, overall sensitivity, and Double-Click Speed.  Of course, there is a Test area so you can see how fast you have to double-click to register.  Most people will mostly just use the first scree (Advanced Functions) when taming this mouse.