NZXT Avatar 2600dpi Gaming Mouse Review


A closer look

Normally I don’t comment on product packages, but this one is unique in that it is so small.  The box is long, and opening it up you can see the mouse behind a clear plastic custom-molded window.  The lid is particularly thick, but that’s because tucked inside is a small manual and mini driver CD, which is surrounded by high-density protective foam.  The main area of the package holds just the mouse itself (and its attached USB cable).

The mouse definately has the look that will fit right in at all the LAN parties.  It is completely black, but has a rubberized coating all over.  The buttons have a lighter coat, but the sides have additional grip with a darker rubber and texture.  The mouse is completely symmetrical, with the only exception being the DPI indicator lights, which are positioned on the lower left side of the mouse… so even this “ambidextrous” mouse has a bias for right-handedness.

Once plugged in, the mouse glows a nice blue underneath the primary left and right buttons.  The DPI indicators also light up in blue, but there are no other distinguishable features.

Instead of the traditional Forward and Back buttons on the left thumb, there is only one, which is assigned “Back” by default.  The Front button is on the opposite side of the mosue.  The scroll wheel has a good amount of click to it, and below that are two programmable buttons.

2600 DPI Infrared Sensor

The underside of the mouse shows us the 2600dpi optical sensor and three super-slick Teflon pads.  The one near the bottom is much larger, and two small pads appear near the top.  The USB cable is much thinner than we’re used to seeing in mid-range gaming mice, and has no sleeving or other notable features, other than its gold-plated USB connector.