NZXT Avatar 2600dpi Gaming Mouse Review


Quest of the Avatar

NZXT has burst onto the PC modding scene with several innovative products, like their Tempest Gamer Case, Sentry LX Fan controller and other cases and peripherals.  NZXT is not only known for providing great design and quality, but also for their great value.  Other peripheral manufacturers have dipped their toes into the pool of gaming mice, so why not take a slice of the big Gaming Pie?  (or is that Pi)?

With their release of the Avatar gaming mouse, NZXT has staked its claim of the gaming frontier.  This optical mouse not only has the looks to compete, but offers seven buttons, adjustable resolution all the way up to 2600dpi, and an ambidextrous design.

Introducing the first gaming mouse from the award winning NZXT design team, as with all of NZXT’s PC accessories, Avatar is designed to provide gamers with the ultimate crafted gaming armor to emerge victorious in the gaming arena of choice. Featuring a ambidextrous and smaller form, the Avatar mouse is versatile and ideal for gamers. A hardware implemented DPI switching allows compatibility with any game, and the Avatar interface allows for all types of customization including macros and 9 customizable buttons. Extruded Teflon mouse feet also allows for better accuracy and smoothness during gameplay.


  • Max Speed: 40 Inches/Second
  • Max Acceleration: 15g
  • Max Frame Rate: 6469 Frames/Second
  • Resolution: 650-2600 dpi
  • Image Processing: 5.8 Mega Pixels/Second
  • USB Reports: Up to 1000 Reports/Second
  • Buttons: 7 Buttons, 5 Million Clicks


  • Optimal performance — 2600 DPI Optical Sensor provides maximum sensitivity and responsiveness which yields unparalleled gaming accuracy. LED DPI indicator gives the user improved usage and feedback. 5.8 Mega Pixels/second with a max frame rate of 6469 ensures smooth fragging and accurate sniping. 4 Speed DPI switch enables you to go from slow sniper movement to quick attack movement in a matter of seconds
  • Maximum Customization — 7 programmable keys allows gamers to customize their configuration specifically for First-Person Shooters, Real-Time Strategy, or Massive Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Games all within the macro and profile settings
  • Ergonomic Design — Ambidextrous design gives full use to both right and left handed gamers. Rubber grip helps avoid slipping during intense gameplay and the small, light form factor allows for faster and quicker movements, perfect for any gamer on the go or playing on a laptop or notebook. A slim form factor makes it the perfect choice for finger tip gamers.
  • Simple Installation — Avatar plugs into any available USB port
  • Slim and small dimensions — Measuring at 36.8mm x 69.1mm x 128mm ( H x W x D ), the Avatar’s smaller form factor is the best choice for finger tip gamers and people who game on the go.