NZXT 140mm & 120mm FX Enthusiast Fan Review



Although the NZXT FX fan is not loud by any means, it did produce the most noise in this lineup.  At full blast (12 volts), the FX fan produced 33 decibels, 28 dBA at half (7 volt) speed, and a completely silent 23 at the lowest (5 volt) speed.

Other fans in the roundup fared better, which really indicates that you will probably be happy with any of the fans in this lineup.  The NZXT FX line has the advantage of a built-in silencer (we had to install an inline silencer for others in this roundup), and it was certainly inexpensive at $14.99.

The NZXT FX Line of PC case fans some with some nice features, such as braided cables and integrated 3-speed silencer, and a non-objectionable color scheme.  It may not be the quietest fan, but still is practically silent, and it is cheaper than “premium” fans, such as those offered by Noctua.

As mentioned before, you may want to go with a more basic fan depending on your situation.  If you intend to use these fans with an integrated fanbus, then you may not want to deal with the extra wires from the 3-speed silencer.  The included silencer also has a disadvantage when it comes to adjusting noise from outside your case.  Overall, the NZXT FX Enthusiast 140 and 120mm fans will do well in just about any modern case, and do it within a modest budget.

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