NZXT 140mm & 120mm FX Enthusiast Fan Review


A Closer Look

The fans have a classic look about them, as the housing is matte black, but the 9-bladed (7 on the 120mm) fan assembly is made of matte white plastic.  In each corner of the fan assembly are holes for what I can only assume are for optional LEDs, but none are installed.

Coming off one of the corners are two cables.  On is a long fan lead, which has been adorned with black nylon sleeving and ends in a black 3-pin fan header.  The other cable is thin and flat, and ends in a small 3-position switch, which controls the fan’s rotation speed.  On the controller are three letters for each position: L, M, and H, which stand for Low, Medium and High respectively.

Black Molex power adapter and 3-speed switch NZXT FX Comes Braided!

The fan also comes with a few extra goodies.  In separate small plastic bags are four black case screws, four double-sided rubber mounts, and a black four-pin Molex to 3-pin fan power adapter.  It is great to see that all of the accessories are black; if there’s one thing I hate more than Molex adapters is a white Molex adapter.

On the next page we install the fans and see how they perform…