Nyko Zoom Case for Nintendo DSi Reiew


Zoom zoom...

There are a plethora of different cases for the Nintendo DSi, and most of them aren’t very function beyond just protecting the handheld’s finish.  Nyko has introduced their Zoom case for the Nintendo DSi, which not only adds scratch protection, but enhances the internal camera with an 8x optical zoom.  Let’s see how it fares in this review.

Add the ability to zoom with the DSi’s external camera with Nyko’s Zoom Case for DSi™. The Zoom Case wraps around the DSi system, protecting it from bumps and scratches while the removable 8x optical zoom lens allows for closer, clearer shots from a greater distance. The zoom lens easily attaches and locks onto the Zoom Case, and when not use is safely stored in its own hard case for easy storage and travel. The case’s textured grip provides a better more comfortable hold for extended gameplay sessions.

  • 8x Zoom
    Optical zoom lens allows for clearer, targeted photos
  • Detachable
    Lens is detachable for easy travel and storage
  • Protection
    Textured hard case protects the DSi from bumps and scratches
  • No Batteries Required
    Optical lens requires no outside power source from the DSi or batteries

The Zoom case comes in a clear plastic clamshell, which must be opened with scissors.  Inside are two halves of the case itself, the lens, a lens cap, and three colored filters (blue, yellow, and magenta).   The bottom part of the case slips over your Nintendo DSI just fine, and the top part’s hinge must be fit together before closing the top part of the case over the top part of the DSi.  The case leaves holes open  for the SD card slot, shoulder buttons, power port, cartridge slot, earphones, pen slot, and volume.  We noticed that add-on cards such as the Action Replay don’t fit into the cartridge slot completely with this case on.

The plastic lens is made in China, and has an F34x72mm specification. Even by inexpensive lens standards, this requires quite a bit of light to register on the tiny DSi sensor, and will probably add some distortion.  The lens is keyed to fit into the Zoom case with a twist, and is easily removed.

The zoom actually does work, as we were able to get in real close to objects.  You must manually focus on the subject using the black rubber focus ring, but was so tight around the lens that we ended up disconnecting the lens from the case unless we held the base with our free hand.  The colored filters do work, but are not very useful.

The photo quality of the Nintendo DSi isn’t for high-quality pictures, anyway, so the zoom lens is a fun little toy for an hour or so.  Given that the lens falls off easily when focusing, the case can interfere with add-on products, and no impact resistance, we must recommend that you pass by on the Zoom case for the Nintendo DSi.

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