Nyko Xbox 360 Charge Base Review


Always be prepared

Any self-respecting Boy Scout knows that one should “Always Be Prepared”, and this holds true when playing video games.  It has happened to me on more than one occasion that my controllers run out of battery life way before I am ready to put it down.  There are several Xbox 360 battery chargers on the market, and I have tried them all.  It’s great that you can charge multiple batteries at one time, but you still have to think about and manage your batteries.  Why can’t my controllers automatically charge when I’m not using them?

Nyko has come to the rescue once again with their Xbox 360 Charge Base.  Not only will this puppy charge your Xbox 360 controller, but it does so without you having to remove the battery!

To achieve this little feat, you must use Nyko’s custom battery packs (two of which are included).  The reason for this is that OEM batteries do not have charge contacts on the outside of the battery.  Other chargers require that you remove the battery first.

Conveniently store and charge two Xbox 360 Wireless Controllers with Nyko’s Charge Base 360. The Charge Base 360 comes with two custom NiMH rechargeable batteries that feature special contact points allowing for an easy drop-in and charge power solution for your wireless controllers. The dual port recharging dock is AC powered, and plugs into any standard outlet, requiring no cables back to the 360 console. Each rechargeable battery powers the wireless controller for up to 25 hours, and charges a single battery in 2 hours, or both batteries simultaneously in 4. The Charge Base 360 is the ideal charging solution for all Xbox 360 owners.

Charge Base 360 Features Drop-in and Charge
Unique design allows for easy recharging of wireless controllers
Charge Base 360 Features Charge Indicators
LED lights change color depending on charge status
Charge Base 360 Features Rechargeable
Two NiMH rechargeable batteries provide up to 25 hours of play time each
Charge Base 360 Features AC Powered
Plugs into any standard outlet for faster recharging then USB
  • Drop-in design allows for easy and rapid recharging of wireless controllers
  • 2 custom NiMH rechargable batteries supply up to 25 hours of play time
  • Rapid recharge base stores two wireless controllers
  • Plugs into any wall outlet for a faster charge than USB
  • LED charge indicator lights
  • Design matches the décor of the Xbox 360 console and controllers