Nyko Metal Pedal Review


Are you a Hardcore Drummer?

What do you call a person who pretends to be a musician?

A drummer.

In all seriousness, not everyone can be as awesome as me while playing a little guitar controller for Rock Band or Guitar Hero.  Thanks to Rock Band and Guitar Hero World Tour, those people can play the drums.  Playing these toy drums feel more like playing real instruments than the little guitar controllers.  Until the cheap foot pedal breaks, reminding you just how much of a toy these thing can be.

If you need a better replacement foot pedal or just want to pretend to be Lars Ulrich (of Metallica fame), then you might consider getting a new drum pedal for your musical gaming rig.

“But the Rock Band and Guitar Hero drum kits aren’t compatible with each other” I hear you cry.  Not to worry, because the Nyko Metal pedal is compatible with both sets.  But why tell you all about it when the marketing folks at Nyko have paid good money for someone to write a nice spooge…

Keep the beat with a pedal that can take a beating with the Metal Pedal from Nyko. The Metal Pedal features reinforced metal plating for unparalleled durability and a unique hard rock design evoking the spirit of rock icons past and present. The extra-wide and sturdy base will be sure to keep the Metal Pedal in place even during the most intense game play sessions. Weather you have Rock Band™ or Gutiar Hero World Tour™ the Metal Pedal will provide a durable replacement/alternative drum pedal for your drum set no matter what system you own.

  • Works with all drum controllers for Rock Band 1 & 2 and Guitar Hero World Tour
  • Metal plating provides lasting durability
  • Unique hard rock design
  • Rubber feet keep pedal firmly in place
  • Coiled wire helps keep your setup tangle free
  • Wide base for stable footing and consistent response
Metal Plating
Durable metal plating is designed to withstand set list after set list of the hardest jams
Hard Rock Design
Metal studs and skeleton give the Metal Pedal a totally unique look
Compatible with drum controllers for Rock Band and Guitar Hero World Tour on all consoles
Easy Installation
The Metal Pedal is plug and play, no batteries, no software and no complex installation

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