Nyko Lineup at CES 08


Nyko's Nintendo Wii Lineup

Nyko has been creating inventive and functional third-party console gadgets for years, many times improving on the original manufactuer’s design with a lower price point.  Nyko was at CES 2008 showing off some of their new (and not-so-new) products for gaming enthusiasts.

Wireless Nunchuck

This is the killer device that Nintendo fans have been salivating over since it was announced: the Wireless Nunchuk Controller Attachment for the Wii.

Do I really need to spell out why this controller accessory is so awesome?  There are no restrictive wires, allowing for complete freedom while gaming, and is completely compatible with all games that require the standard Nunchuk. (note that Nyko’s Nunchuck has an extra “C” to avoid infringing on Nintendo’s trademark).

The accessory has a receiver base which plugs directly into the back of the Wiimote, using the standard Nunchuk port.  The receiver base gets its power from the Wiimote, so the only necessary batteries are for the Nunchuck itself (two AAA batteries, which are included).  The Wireless Nunchuck has a blue power LED to let you know when it’s on, and also includes a recessed power button.  The base also includes a power button (also used to sync with the Nunchuck), which can be used to turn on the paired Nunchuck

The small standard batteries will provide up to 30 hours of gameplay, so you can replace them at the same time when you replace the batteries on the Wireless Sensor bar.

Nyko Charge Station for Nintendo Wii

The Nyko Charge Station for the Nintendo Wii is a docking station for your Wiimotes.  It allows you to charge 2 Wii Remotes at the same time, so you can charge one controller while you use the other, or let both charge overnight if you are heavy into two-player gaming.  The base unit has two blue LED charge indicator lights, so you can see when each remote control has finished charging.

Of course, the unit doesn’t work with regular AA batteries (even if they are rechargable).  Instead, you use Nyko’s NiMH batteries (two of which are included).  These nickel metal hydryde batteries will certainly last much longer than standard AA batteries anyway, and the unit even comes with two rubberized battery covers to provide extra grip on the controllers.

Nyko also sells replacement batteries and battery plate covers (the Nyko Click Grips) in five different colors: black, grey, blue, green and purple.

Charging Dock for Nintendo Wii
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Wireless Sensor Bar Receiver and Stand for Nintendo Wii

The Nintendo Wii is supposed to be completely wireless, isn’t it?  Then why do we have do drape a cord all over our TV for the Wii remote sensor bar?  Well, Nyko doesn’t think we should have to, either, and have developed a wireless sensor bar receiver (and stand) to replace the awkward standard one that came with the console.  Since it’s wire-free, your home theater rack will look alot cleaner.

The new sensor bar has a blue power LED to indicate when it’s on, and it is sensitive up to 25 feet away.  And since it can be placed virtually anywhere, you can optimize it for better reception performance.  This wireless receiver will be a godsend for those with wall-mounted flat screens, so there are no ugly wires tethered to your TV.

The unit takes four AA batteries (a set of which are included in the kit), which should provide up to 30 hours of truly wireless gaming.  To help conserve batteries, the wireless receiver has a built-in audible warning system.  It reminds you when it is accidentally left on, and the alarm can be set to one or two hour intervals.

Having to turn off your sensor seems like an extra pain whenever you are gaming (and your kids probably won’t remember, either), but may be worth it to some who absolutely hate ugly wires.

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Intercooler for Nintendo Wii

The Xbox 360 was the first console to get some Nyko love with their Intercooler, and the company has followed up with a Playstation 3 version, and now there’s one for the Nintendo Wii.  This clip-on cooling device reduces ambient temperature by moving hot air away from the console.

Some external Wii cooling devices have used the USB port for power, which can remain powered even if the console is turned off.  Nyko controls this by having the Intercooler draw its power from the main power cable.  The cooler clips easily to the back of the Wii, so there is no need to void your warranty, and doesn’t obstruct any ports on the backside of the console.

Nyko HD-Link for Nintendo Wii

The Wii doesn’t sport high-definition visuals like the Playstation 3 or Xbox 360, but that doesn’t mean you have to slum it with standard interlaced NTSC *blech!*.  Nyko’s HD-Link for Nintendo Wii allows your console to display a progressive image (480p) for rock-solid images and widescreen support.

The cable plugs directly into the Wii’s audio/video output port, and splits into 5 high-end gold-plated cables: Y, Bp, and Pr component connections and two RCA connections for stereo sound.  The cables are shielded, and extra long to allow for easy setup.

HD-Link High Density Component Audio/Video Cable (RCA Male – HDMI – 8ft)
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Classic Controller Grip

The Classic Controller for the Nintendo Wii is the black sheep of Nintendo controllers…  Nintendo has always pushed the innovation envelope when it comes to usability (the pretty much invented D-pad gameplay), so it is puzzling when there are so many limitations of the Classic Controller, especially when it comes to ergonomics.

Nyko again comes to the rescue with their Classic Controller Detachable Grip for the Wii.  It provides a more comfortable ergonomic grip for the elengated hockey-puck, and is easily snapped on.  There is even a “sled” to store the Wiimote under the grip (since the Wiimote must be the “host” for the CC).  Now you can comfortably play your classic Nintendo games without having a counterweight dangling from your pants!

Net Connect USB Network Adapter

The Nintendo Wii is a marvel of wireless design, and is the only next-generation console to come with an integrated wireless network adapter.  For those of you without a wireless router and still want to connect your Wii to the ‘net, then Nyko wants you to try their Net Connect USB Network Adapter.

This little device plugs into one of the Wii’s USB ports and creates a high-speed wired LAN connection for your console.  Since it is completely wired (using a Cat5 cable), it provides more security than a wireless connection, and configuration is much simpler.  The device uses USB 2.0 (up to 30 Mbit / second) so technically it is faster than WiFi.  Unless you have a T1 or fiber going to your house then you’ll never saturate the WiFi connection, but I digress…


This device is compatible with the Wii Opera browser, Wii Connect 24, Wii Parade, online play and many other online features of the Wii.

It really perplexes me that this device is even available to the public.  For about the same cost you can get a wireless router to connect your Wii to the Internet.

Nyko PerfectShot Ergonomic Pistol Grip (read our review here)

OCmodshop reviewed this very item just a few weeks ago, and it offers many advantages over Nintendo’s Wii Zapper grip.

Nyko’s implementation allows for traditional one handed pistol-like operation, and the tactile trigger adtivates the Wiimote’s “B” button.  An aiming sight “increases accuracy” according to Nyko, but there is no complete sightpicture, and (because of the Wiimote’s technology) the Wiimote doesn’t work like a lightgun.

The grip has an accessory pass-through so you can still attach a Classic Controller, Nunchuk (or new Wireless Nunchuck) to the bottom of the gun.  Since the pistol only requires one hand, then the other can be used to hold the Nunchuk.

Perfect Shot Gun (Wii)
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Frontman Wireless Guitar Controller for Wii

The Wii’s implementation of Guitar Hero III is alot different than other consoles.  For one, the “screw up” sounds can be heard from the Wiimote’s internal speaker, giving you a more realistic experience.  Nyko is upping the guitar experience with their Frontman Wireless Guitar controller.

The Wiimote is nestled inside the grip’s cavity, which provides the power and wireless connectivity for the guitar controller.  The guitar controller provides an accurate and responsive whammy bar, and bi-directional strum bar.  The controller comes with 3 interchangable pick guards in designer colors and customizing stickers.

The five fret buttons match the wood-tone of the stock, and looks much more attractive than other “cartoony” controllers, but still looks like a ukelele because of its miniature size.  The guitar is based on other popular guitar designs, but is not a “replica” of a Fender Stratocaster or Gibson Les Paul (like the “official” controllers), but you will likely pay less for this controller because Nyko isn’t paying any licensing fees.