Nyko Intercooler for Playstation 3 Review


Sometimes two is better than one

The Nyko PS3 Intercooler is a new addition in a long, long line of cooling peripherals. This tradition of having to add on an additional cooling unit to a next-gen system only reared its ugly head after Microsoft’s Xbox 360 “ring of death” mishaps. What happened to systems made reliably in the first place? Who knows, but fortunately for us, there’s Nyko intercoolers.

Nyko has created a beautiful, sleek, and innovative intercooler for our PS3 systems. The two-piece design fits onto the system extremely well and is so natural looking many of my friends thought it was just part of my PS3. So besides being damn sexy, how does it work and how well?

Product description and features

Keep your console running in an ideal enviroment with the Intercooler for PlayStation 3. The Intercooler’s patented technology insures steady and improved air flow away from the console keeping your investment running in an ideal enviroment. The Intercooler clips on easily to the back of the console, no tools required. Featuring a pass through power connector the Intercooler is powered by the PS3, and requires no additional wires or batteries. A variable fan speed potentiometer allows users to choose a fan speed that works for them while the compact design allows for vertical or horizontal placement of the PS3 making it ideal for any home theater set-up.

Intercooler for PlayStation 3 Features Fan Cooling System
Push hot air away from the system for a cooler gaming setup
Intercooler for PlayStation 3 Features Easy Installation
Easily snaps onto the back of the console. No internal modification needed
Intercooler for PlayStation 3 Features Universal
Works with the PS3 in vertical or horizontal position and fits easily into entertainment centers
Intercooler for PlayStation 3 Features Variable Fan Speed Controller
Control the speed and noise level of all 5 fans with the integrated potentiometer
  • 5 powerful fans reduce ambient air temperature by moving hot air away from the console.
  • Variable fan speed control for customized cooling
  • Cools both primary ventilation zones of the PS3 console
  • Patented power pass through design requires no additional ac adaptors or USB ports.
  • Conveniently relocates main power switch to the front of the console.
  • Designed to match to the color and contours of the PS3 console.
  • Can be used in either the horizontal or vertical position.