Nyko Gameface Xbox 360 Faceplate Review


Do an about face on your 360

Since the dawning of man there where computers, and people who modded those ugly grey boxes. Since then was the birth of the Xbox 360, but you where delivered in the hands of the heathen gods that brought premade faceplates with lame designs. Now is the time to rise up and fight back with those boring faceplates.

Let your own imagination run free as we review the Nyko GameFace 360 customizable faceplate.

In Short the Nyko Gameface 360 is a “make your own faceplate” kit.

For a long time your customization options were limited to the original Xbox or third-party faceplaces, but none of them really set you apart from the crowd. Well here is the solution, and now you’re free to make your own design in which you are only limited to your own imagination… or are we?

The box itself doesn’t really represent the kit’s full potential and is a bit dull. As this isn’t a Microsoft-endorsed product they could have spiced it up a bit, otherwise you might have the impression of “another 3rd party faceplate”; though it most certainly isn’t just that.