NTI Media Maker 8 Review


Creativity suite for regular people

Over the past few years we’ve bought a lot of specialized software for photo manipulation, video editing, music capture and CD/DVD burning.

The boxes sit in our home office library.  The software ends up sitting on our hard drive until we upgrade to a new computer.

They are probably real good at doing the job but frankly we’re not really interested in making movies for a living or creating music for the world to share.

And our kids seem to jump from one project to another so anything that takes time to learn and use just doesn’t seem to interest them.

The idea of having a software suite that fits with our kids fast paced digital lifestyle and a product that would let us meet all of our family’s digital content needs seemed to be exactly what we were looking for.

Introduced by NTI (NewTech Infosystems) the Media Maker 8 package has just about everything you need to capture, edit, burn and enjoy music, photos and videos.  We enjoyed using the company’s CD & DVD Maker which has been one of the most reliable, versatile disc burning packages we’ve found so getting the more robust suite  seemed like a sure thing.

First thing you notice when you open the suite is that there is nothing intimidating about the NTI product.  The opening user interface screen is so unintimidating you feel you’re going to have a great user experience…and you will.

The company calls the UI an EasyStep interface and it really is.  Just click on the image of the suite area you want to work in and you go there immediately.  The software lets you quickly access the audio, video, photo, data and utility work areas.

Navigation is a snap.  You can easily move from one job to another without sacrificing performance, reliability, flexibility and usage versatility.

We were a little surprised to see the package also included backup software – a logical and often overlooked content solution since hard drives will die on you and that means all your vital and irreplaceable photos, videos and music will be gone forever.  You might think of the backup solution as content insurance and you only have to have it save your audio/video work one and you realize it is worth the under $80 price of the complete suite.

Music, More
Our son jumped right into the audio section and began using the NTI Ripper and Digital Jack to rip/archive his music as well as playback his music collection.

NTI Ripper has it all including the ability to carry out on-the-fly batch conversions of audio file formats on your hard drive. There’s no need to manually name files.  File Composer automatically name the audio files by artist, song title, track number, and album name.  It also includes Music DVD tools that let you create your own music DVDs complete with album cover, artist photos, trivia and song names.

In addition to supporting all the popular audio formats – .MP3, .WMA, .WAV and OGG, NTI Ripper makes it easy to automatically rip and name an entire audio CD to virtually any attached storage device, including iPod, iPhone MP3 players, flash media, hard drives, NAS devices or smartphone.

NTI Digital Jack makes it easy to listen to digital music files from a PC.  Intuitive to use, it offers a wide assortment of playback features including shuffle and preset equalizer options such as Jazz, Classical, Hip-hop, and more. It also includes cross fade and volume normalization features.