Nova Master 8000dpi Mousepad Review


Made specifically for LANs

If you attend a lot of LAN parties, then you no doubt have seen all of the “professional-grade” mousepads.  Products from Razer and SteelSeries are common at these gatherings, where bragging rights are only as good as your equipment.  More companies are getting in on this action, offering new products to keep the gamer in your satisfied.  Nova is a new company offering several different gaming-grade mousepads, and we are reviewing their Master mousing surface, which boasts an accuracy of 8000dpi.

Product Details

For the low-sense gamers and all the lovers of wide surfaces, NOVA created the MASTER. This high-end product was designed, using the unique NOVA technology of bi-material surfaces. The MASTER offers a matchless glide. Also, thanks to its original design and well-made shape, the MASTER guarantees an ideal comfort for your arm.

Thanks to its 6mm thickness, you will be able to play on any surfaces given with a huge comfort boost. Besides the expected accuracy and perfection of our product, the MASTER also offers a rigid material.


  • Wide surface  – It’s the largest NOVA mouse pad. It mostly aims the “low-sense” gamers and will allow you to have large moves without going out of the mouse pad.
  • 0 Mouse lag – Optical or Laser, your mouse will suffer NO loss of control on any NOVA mouse pad at 8000 Dpi. This is one of our biggest commitment.
  • Glide – Perfect compromise for the ultimate sensitivity and response time.  The friction is decreased by our unique material made of micro-pyramids of 0.04mm.
  • Design – Trendy and high-tech, the Nova Master will satisfy any gamers with its awesome look. The mousepad is available with a grey or blue external material. The printed visual cannot be spoiled as it is added in between the mouse pad materials.
  • Comfortable and robust –  The front border is beveled (45°) to make sure there is no pain or tiredness while playing. That ensures a perfect comfort in any position.  Non-slip base sticks to any desk surface thanks to micro-cellular foam layer.
  • 2 years guaranteed !
  • Size : 380 x 237 mm
  • Width : 6 mm