Nova Killer 2 Mousepad Review


Twice the Killing

I sometimes sit at my desk and think to myself, “I have way too much space here”.  But what can I do about it?  I guess I could stick a Tiki doll there for a little good luck.  Set up a shrine to Carmen Electra?  And then it came to me.  A mousepad.  But not just any mousepad, a gigantic mousepad that would ensure I would never have extra room on my desk again.  And that mousepad is non other than the Nova Killer 2.  It’s big, bad, made for lasers, and can be doubled as a car port in case of bad weather.

This is the third review I have done for the good folks at Nova, and each time it seems the pads just get bigger and bigger.  I am told that this is so you don’t run out of room while gaming.  How much would it suck to run your mouse right off the edge of the pad while trying to frag someone?  Every second counts, and Nova is making sure you don’t lose any of them.  But if you do get killed, they also making sure that when you throw your mouse you never make it past the edge of the mousepad.  Seriously, this thing is measured in fathoms.  But don’t take my word for it.  Check out the official Nova hype:

Featuring NOVA’s new colors and new logo, KILLER-II offers various new innovations developed especially for the gamers.

New shape: With an awesome design, definitely more attractive, KILLER-2 features a new shape, more aggressive. Also, that shape will make it easier to stick the mouse pad on your desk thanks to the straight bottom edge.
New colors: Matching the new NOVA identity, the new colors are really attractive. Black, red and white are the 3 main tendencies from now.  The KILLER 2 will be available in three different color scales.

One of the main reason of NOVA KILLER success was the unique material developed by NOVA for this mouse pad. A bi-material structure with micro-mirrors spread out in the inner material. We decided to keep that major evolution on KILLER-2.


  • Bi-material: That new pad keeps the NOVA unique material. The best ever made for the mouse gliding and the signal accuracy.
  • The inner material is now available in two colors, Black or White.
  • The outer material (centering frame) is now available in three colors, Red, Black or Silver, determined upon the product chosen.
  • 8000 DPI, 0 Latency: This is one of NOVA’s main commitments. 0 mouse delay, 0 loss of signal. Our 8000 DPI materials guarantee a perfect response of the mouse signal,  Laser or Optical.
  • Centering Frame  –  built of smoother by touch material bordered by a fillet, helps the intuitive mouse re-centering still keeping concentration on the game.
  • Underside – non-skid base perfectly adheres to any desk surface thanks to micro-cellular foam layer.
  • Size 337x307mm
  • Thickness: 3mm