Not Eligible for Rehire

Well, erm….
Most of you know how I met my boyfriend…erm…I’m not sure I relayed the whole story in my blog previously, I think I just stopped blogging. Here is the short…short…version.

I meet hot guy at work. Hot guy and I have completely platonic relationship, and hot guy wonders why my husband is such an asshole. I proceed to tell hot guy about incidents of assholery, and he sits quietly and listens. I continue with marriage, and it sucks ass. I cheat on my husband with said hot guy (and boy was it ****ing awesome). Enter Assistant Manager. Assistant Manager feels that I am getting special treatment, and can’t figure out why. Assistant Manager and husband talk, and husband discloses that he thinks I am doing something with hot guy. Assistant Manager makes my life a living hell with scheduling, making the store a mess, and blaming his mistakes on me. I quit by throwing keys in Assistant Manager’s face. Assistant Manager somehow gets into the employee page on the computer without permission, and lists me as ineligible for rehire. Assistant Manager gets moved to new store; hot guy and I live mostly happily ever after.

I think most of you knew this situation. If not, now you do. Basically, the fact that the Assistant Manager did that makes it BS, because the manager is the only one with the rights to enter or take people out of the computer. It’s stupid, but we’re all good now.

I think those other piano students are starting next week. That would be good, considering I do have to pay rent.

I can’t get my stupid lame-o printer to scan my ID so I can go to PAX with Alan. GRRRR.

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